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[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, BERYLLIUM: "The Secret of Rocky Flats" (CO) Lenny Siegel (01/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Activist arrested at Ft. Monmouth (NJ) meeting Lenny Siegel (01/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, GLOBAL: "U.S. spent more than $3 million on Agent Orange claim [in South Korea], found nothing" Lenny Siegel (01/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GROUNDWATER: Future treatment debated at Badger Ammo Plant (WI) Lenny Siegel (01/09/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, VOCs: Former Senator Elizabeth Dole calls for Camp Lejeune (NC) vets medical care Lenny Siegel (01/10/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, ENHANCED USE: Watervliet Arsenal (NY) bio-mass plant Lenny Siegel (01/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: ESTCP (Defense Department) Demonstration Funding Available Lenny Siegel (01/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RESERVES, REUSE: Former Reserves building, Rutland, VT Lenny Siegel (01/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, SECURITY: Camp Lejeune (NC) infrastructure information Lenny Siegel (01/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Ft. Detrick (MD) groundwater update Lenny Siegel (01/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Newtowne Neck shore, MD Lenny Siegel (01/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Ft. Detrick (MD) Area B - nearby homes Lenny Siegel (01/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, CHEMWEAPONS: Community survey at former Schilling Air Force Base (KS) Lenny Siegel (01/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Guam Lenny Siegel (01/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: "Solar Energy Potential on DoD Installations in Mojave Desert" Lenny Siegel (01/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor (WA) fined for failure to monitor Lenny Siegel (01/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] EXPANSION: 11, 000-acre lease for Melrose Air Force Range (NM) Lenny Siegel (01/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Robins Air Force Base (GA) buffer zone funding Lenny Siegel (01/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station (CA) breaks ground on solar farm Lenny Siegel (01/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, NATURAL RESOURCES: National Monument proposed at Fort Ord (CA) Lenny Siegel (01/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Ft. Meade (MD) groundwater sampling Lenny Siegel (01/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, VOCs: Camp Lejeune (NC) documentary makes Oscar short list Lenny Siegel (01/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, GLOBAL: Old soldier says herbicides buried in South Korea Lenny Siegel (01/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: "Dangerous Depots" Lenny Siegel (01/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS: Utah incineration completed Lenny Siegel (01/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, HEALTH: Idaho National Laboratory accident report Lenny Siegel (01/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "New Boston [MA] UXO cleanup efforts near completion" Lenny Siegel (01/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES: Ft. Belvoir (VA) trees Lenny Siegel (01/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: Two more BRAC rounds likely Lenny Siegel (01/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "Problems plague cleanup at Hanford (WA) nuclear waste site" Lenny Siegel (01/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, REUSE: Solar farm at Oak Ridge (TN) Lenny Siegel (01/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Oakland Army Base [CA] to be used for port operations" Lenny Siegel (01/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Another twist" for El Toro (CA) redevelopment Lenny Siegel (01/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Push for Fort Ord (CA) National Monument Lenny Siegel (01/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Wellhead treatment at Navy-Grumman Bethpage (NY) plume Lenny Siegel (01/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: Army solar projects (White Sands, NM; Ft. Bliss, TX, and Puerto Rico) Lenny Siegel (01/27/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) Again Lenny Siegel (01/27/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: New! ESTCP Solicitation for FY 2013 Funding: INSTALLATION ENERGY Lenny Siegel (02/02/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "Oak Ridge [TN] cleanup gains momentum" Lenny Siegel (02/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: "Why the Military Hates Fossil Fuels" Lenny Siegel (02/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, GLOBAL: "Spain says U.S. to help in nuclear clean-up" Lenny Siegel (02/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Army Corps of Engineers continues Fort Monroe [VA} cleanup" Lenny Siegel (02/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: "BRAC cleanup costs linger long after installations close" Lenny Siegel (02/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: "Why the Military Hates Fossil Fuels": Part 2 Lenny Siegel (02/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Walter Reed plan on way to DC Council Lenny Siegel (02/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, GLOBAL: Waste removed from Saipan's (CNMI) Capital Hill Lenny Siegel (02/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Site Characterization For Munitions Constituents" Lenny Siegel (02/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: House passes "Civilian BRAC" bill Lenny Siegel (02/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: DoD and EPA agree to partner to develop sustainability technologies Lenny Siegel (02/08/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: Operating installations off the grid Lenny Siegel (02/09/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CONTRACTORS, GLOBAL, VOCs: Boeing Arnprior, Arnprior (Ontario, Canada) Lenny Siegel (02/09/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Georgia "aims to invest in Fort McPherson's future" Lenny Siegel (02/09/12)

[CPEO-MEF] SHIPS, FUEL: World War II Pacific shipwrecks, Chuuk Lagoon, Federal States of Micronesia Lenny Siegel (02/10/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Wellhead treatment at Bethpage Navy-Grumman Plant (NY) plume Lenny Siegel (02/10/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CSWAB: Army Remedy for Groundwater at Badger Ammo Plant Falls Short Lenny Siegel (02/10/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, PERCHLORATE: Spring Valley (DC) investigation continues near AU's Kreeger Building Lenny Siegel (02/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: "White House Budget to Expand Clean-Energy Programs Through Pentagon" Lenny Siegel (02/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PRESERVATION, REUSE: No decision yet on Moffett Field's (CA) Hangar One Lenny Siegel (02/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] BUDGET: Proposed Defense Department cleanup spending for Fiscal Year 2013 Lenny Siegel (02/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GROUNDWATER, REUSE: Crows Landing's former naval airfield (CA) Lenny Siegel (02/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, HEALTH: Vieques (PR) court ruling Lenny Siegel (02/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REALIGNMENT, CLOSURE: "Okinawans [Japan] see duplicity in US withdrawal" Lenny Siegel (02/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: A new BRAC - my view Lenny Siegel (02/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: I-Denni site, Saipan, Northern Marianas Lenny Siegel (02/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: "Committee suggests simplifying jargon-filled Savannah River Site (SC) documents" Lenny Siegel (02/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Dioxin Assessment Released Lenny Siegel (02/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: Wesley Clark: "Make Solar Energy A Military Mission" Lenny Siegel (02/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: Dugway Mining Disrict, Tooele County Utah Lenny Siegel (02/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Pratt Rifle Range (KS) "may be forced to get the lead out" Lenny Siegel (02/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: "Unexploded military ordnance a continuing concern in Canada" Lenny Siegel (02/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Oil & Gas drilling at the former Lowry Range (CO) Lenny Siegel (02/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Des Moines County (IA) doesn't want Middletown Army Reserve building Lenny Siegel (02/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Tri-County Small Area Studies project, Florida panhandle Lenny Siegel (02/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REALIGNMENT: Proposed Los Alamitos (CA) land swap Lenny Siegel (02/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Feral cats removal from San Nicolas Island (CA) deemed complete Lenny Siegel (02/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Nantucket (MA) aerial survey Lenny Siegel (02/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH: Camp Lejeune (NC) documentary "Semper Fi" on MSNBC tonight (Friday, February 24) Lenny Siegel (02/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] WATER: Wisconsin approves water treatment system for Badger neighbors Lenny Siegel (02/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] NOISE: F-35 Training Basing Lenny Siegel (02/28/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: $2 million sought for Langley Air Force Base (VA) buffer Lenny Siegel (03/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: Shpack Landfill (MA) Lenny Siegel (03/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE, PRESERVATION: Former Bainbridge Naval Training Center (MD) Lenny Siegel (03/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, VOCs: "Review finds Fort Detrick [MD] cancer studies inconclusive" Lenny Siegel (03/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, CONTRACTORS: "Rocketdyne [Santa Susana Lab, CA] radiation is still abundant" Lenny Siegel (03/06/12)


[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Allied Industrial Park, Bibb County, GA Lenny Siegel (03/08/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: DoD testifies in support of two new rounds Lenny Siegel (03/08/12)

[CPEO-MEF] BIODEFENSE: Ft. Detrick (MD) "mishaps" Lenny Siegel (03/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP: Cutler Naval Communications Station (ME) Lenny Siegel (03/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, SECRECY: Camp Lejeune (NC) report redaction questioned Lenny Siegel (03/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: San Gabriel Valley (CA) water treatment interrupted Lenny Siegel (03/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: Senate civilian property bill Lenny Siegel (03/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP: New "DERP Manual" released Lenny Siegel (03/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, HEALTH: Manhattan Project workers at Joslyn Manufacturing , Ft. Wayne, IN Lenny Siegel (03/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Hill Air Force Base (UT) "plumes shrining" Lenny Siegel (03/12/12)

Re: [CPEO-MEF] Military Digest, Vol 91, Issue 8 Wendy_Ormont (03/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Energy secretary to look at Hanford [WA] land transfer" Lenny Siegel (03/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Fairchild Air Force Base (WA) crash zone Lenny Siegel (03/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, PERCHLORATE: Camp Edwards (MA) Central Impact Area remedy selected Lenny Siegel (03/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] DISPOSAL: Eielson Air Force Base (AK) De-Icing Waste Lenny Siegel (03/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, SECRECY: Camp Lejeune (NC) redaction testimony Lenny Siegel (03/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MERCURY: "Spill, cover-up alleged at Hill Air Force Base [UT]" Lenny Siegel (03/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: GAO found nearly 700 federal renewable energy initiatives in Fiscal Year 2010 Lenny Siegel (03/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, FORMER SITES: Bridgeton landfill, Missouri Lenny Siegel (03/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PESTICIDES: Ft. Benning (GA) former chemical storage building Lenny Siegel (03/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Scioto Ordnance Plant and Marion Engineering Depot, Marion, OH Lenny Siegel (03/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Spokane Tribe casino and Fairchild Air Force Base (WA) Lenny Siegel (03/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, FORMER SITES: Excavating "Hades" in Spring Valley, DC Lenny Siegel (03/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Keep Fort Ord [CA] Wild sues Reuse Authority Lenny Siegel (03/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, PERCHLORATE: Propellant found near El Morro National Monument, NM Lenny Siegel (03/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: Ft. Hunter-Liggett (CA) solar canopies Lenny Siegel (03/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: "Barstow [CA] cleanup could start in summer" Lenny Siegel (03/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] New House legislation on civilian property disposal Lenny Siegel (03/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] BIODEFENSE: "Army drops plan for Fort Detrick [MD] animal biodefense lab" Lenny Siegel (03/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Horsham (PA) approves Willow Grove Naval Air Station plan Lenny Siegel (03/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Rialto (CA) settlement Lenny Siegel (03/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] WATER: Neighbors question Army's strategy for Badger Plant (WI) Lenny Siegel (03/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE, FUEL: North Charleston (SC) Navy tank farm Lenny Siegel (03/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: New Strategy for Alameda Point (CA) Lenny Siegel (03/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: "Army will likely surpass President's goals" Lenny Siegel (03/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, VOCs: Former Schilling Air Force Base (KS) settlement nears Lenny Siegel (03/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT, ENERGY: Kingsville (TX) city opposes wind farm near Naval Air Station Lenny Siegel (03/28/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, GLOBAL: Saipan (CNMI) soil excavation Lenny Siegel (03/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE, WASTEWATER: Ft. Monmouth (NJ) and Wampum Lake Lenny Siegel (03/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, HEALTH: Hanford workers breathe in radioactive contamination; levels well below limits" Lenny Siegel (03/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Mather Air Force Base (CA) final transfer Lenny Siegel (03/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, GLOBAL: Thermal dioxin remediation at Da Nang Airport (Vietnam) Lenny Siegel (03/30/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: House Republicans question DOD energy policy Lenny Siegel (03/30/12)


[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, HEALTH: "Veterans: Westover [Air Force Base, MA] planes fouled with Agent Orange" Lenny Siegel (04/02/12)

[CPEO-MEF] "Closing Major Bases outside of BRAC Unlikely, Panetta Says" Lenny Siegel (04/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Army probes Tidewater Community College property at former Nansemond Ordnance Depot (VA) Lenny Siegel (04/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Augusta Ordnance Depot, Augusta, Georgia Lenny Siegel (04/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: New agreement at Department of Energy's Paducah (KY) palnt Lenny Siegel (04/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: GAO report on financing of Defense renewable energy projects Lenny Siegel (04/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: Air Force excess infrastructure Lenny Siegel (04/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Former Orion Park Housing Area at Moffett Field, CA Lenny Siegel (04/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Northwest Territories" at Former Alameda Naval Air Station (CA) Lenny Siegel (04/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Virginia Beach jet crash Lenny Siegel (04/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, VOCs: Semper Fi documentary on MSNBC Saturday Lenny Siegel (04/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Airfield buffer zones in southern Virginia Lenny Siegel (04/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, ENCROACHMENT: Arizona renewables "vex military" Lenny Siegel (04/09/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE, REGULATION: State [of Oklahoma] Gets First Crack at Toxic Halliburton Site Lenny Siegel (04/09/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Safety buffers at southern Virginia air bases Lenny Siegel (04/09/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Destroying underwater ordnance from Smith Cove (WA) Lenny Siegel (04/10/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PRESERVATION: Hangar 9 at Brooks City-Base (TX) Lenny Siegel (04/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Airport public benefit conveyances Lenny Siegel (04/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, MUNITIONS: Former Camp Ellis, IL Lenny Siegel (04/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, HEALTH: Suit Filed against Mallinckrodt Chemical (MO) Lenny Siegel (04/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Barstow (CA) plume reaches more than a mile Lenny Siegel (04/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: New Mexico criticizes Kirtland Air Force Base Lenny Siegel (04/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Air Force questions AVX position in Myrtle Beach (SC) Lenny Siegel (04/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] SURFACE WATER: Wampum Lake, downstream from Ft. Monmouth (NJ) Lenny Siegel (04/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: Air Force proposes to shutter Kelly AFB (TX) Restoration Advisory Board Lenny Siegel (04/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Selma (TX) and Randolph Air Force Base Lenny Siegel (04/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Fort Huachuca's Buffalo Soldier Electronic Testing Range (AZ) Lenny Siegel (04/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Kirtland Air Force Base (NM) agrees to more monitoring wells Lenny Siegel (04/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP, MUNITIONS: Iowa Army Ammunition Plant "big picture" Lenny Siegel (04/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Former Charles E. Kelly Support Facility, Collier Township (PA) Lenny Siegel (04/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: Former US Naval Annex at Morgan’s Point, Bermuda Lenny Siegel (04/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, COMMUNITIES: Northrop Grumman/Navy plume, Bethpage, NY Lenny Siegel (04/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Spokane County acts to protect Fairchild Air Force Base (WA) Lenny Siegel (04/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, HEALTH: Wildlife biologist's suit over Dugway Proving Ground (UT) exposure Lenny Siegel (04/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Indiana Army Ammo Plant liability bill Lenny Siegel (04/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Kitsap (WA) Rifle and Revolver Club private small arms range Lenny Siegel (04/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: Underwater ordnance in the Marianas Lenny Siegel (04/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, ENCROACHMENT: Kingsville Naval Air Station (TX) reaches agreement with wind developer Lenny Siegel (04/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Idaho Guard searches Gowen Field Lenny Siegel (04/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Groton Submarine Base (CT) buffer purchase Lenny Siegel (04/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Hampton Roads (VA) underground storage tanks Lenny Siegel (05/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Tobyhanna State Park (PA) Lenny Siegel (05/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Ft. Ord (CA) declared National Monument Lenny Siegel (05/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] WATER, COMMUNITIES: "Public speaks on Badger [Ammo Plant, WI] water plan" Lenny Siegel (05/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, PCBs: I-Denni cleanup, Saipan, Northern Marianas Lenny Siegel (05/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES: Air Force study says Westover AFB (MA) crews unlikely to have been affected Lenny Siegel (05/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: NASA HQ wants to transfer Moffett Field (CA) runways, Hangar One Lenny Siegel (05/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Phosphorous on rocks may have caused woman's shorts to catch fire, San Onofre, CA Lenny Siegel (05/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "The Need To Establish Threat Mitigation Protocols..." Lenny Siegel (05/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Raritan Arsenal site, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (05/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH: GAO reports "DOD Can Improve Its Response to Environmental Exposures on Military Installations" Lenny Siegel (05/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] WATER: Michigan "warns of Wurtsmith [Air Force Base] fish" Lenny Siegel (05/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: DOD "still pushing for two more rounds of base realignments and closures" Lenny Siegel (05/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "New Mexico says [Kirtland Air Force Base] jet fuel spill could be larger" Lenny Siegel (05/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: New London Submarine Base (CT) buffer zone Lenny Siegel (05/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: "A new approach to ridding Vietnam of unexploded ordnance" Lenny Siegel (05/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: Wickaninnish Dunes, British Columbia Lenny Siegel (05/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, CHEMWEAPONS: "[American University] lobbied Congress for Spring Valley [DC] cleanup" Lenny Siegel (05/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: New housing near Hill Air Force Base (UT) Lenny Siegel (05/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, ENCROACHMENT: Military warns Mojave Desert wind developers Lenny Siegel (05/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] DISPOSAL: Leaked Afghan burn pit memo Lenny Siegel (05/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Air Force clearing BLM land near the Utah Test and Training Range Lenny Siegel (05/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "Water District Completes Petition Drive" at Navy Grumman Bethpage (NY) plant Lenny Siegel (05/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: DISPOSAL: Leaked Afghan burn pit memo Lenny Siegel (05/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Fort Hunter Liggett (CA) lead releases Lenny Siegel (05/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "New Boston [NH] recreational area reopened" Lenny Siegel (05/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, WATER: Bromate in Sigonella (U.S.) Naval Air Station (Italy) drinking water Lenny Siegel (05/30/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, VOCs: Neighbors study cancer near Twin Cities Ammo Plant (MN) Lenny Siegel (05/30/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "EPA finds high levels of toxic vapors in NASA [Moffett Field, CA] building" Lenny Siegel (05/31/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Fort Ord (CA) detonations Lenny Siegel (05/31/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PRESERVATION, REUSE: Vancouver Barracks (WA) added to National Historic Site Lenny Siegel (06/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE, MUNITIONS: Lacamas Creek, Camp Bonneville (WA) Lenny Siegel (06/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, HEALTH: Survey of Vietnam vets Lenny Siegel (06/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: "Residents near Oceana [Naval Air Station, VA] staying put after jet crash" Lenny Siegel (06/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] BIOTA: "Relocation of desert tortoises OK to resume" at Ft. Irwin, CA Lenny Siegel (06/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: PRESS RELEASE: New EPA Study shows contamination at Camp Bonneville has migrated Lenny Siegel (06/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: New CRS report on Department of Defense Energy Initiatives Lenny Siegel (06/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, GLOBAL: Cleaning up plutonium in Palomares, Spain Lenny Siegel (06/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Amazon bringing 1, 000-plus jobs to former Norton Air Force Base" (CA) Lenny Siegel (06/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] (no subject) Lenny Siegel (06/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Budget cuts Lenny Siegel (06/08/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH: GAO report - "DOD Can Improve Its Response to Environmental Exposures on Military Installations" Lenny Siegel (06/08/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Fort Ord (CA) Reuse Authority records Lenny Siegel (06/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, FORMER SITES: Former Larson Air Force Base, Moses Lake, Washington Lenny Siegel (06/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Ft. Monmouth (NJ) property transfer Lenny Siegel (06/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, GLOBAL: "Vietnam airport world's most dioxin contaminated place" Lenny Siegel (06/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES, MUNITIONS: Tour of Iowa Army Ammunition Plant Lenny Siegel (06/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: Defense Department projects on Bureau of Land Management land Lenny Siegel (06/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Oakland Army Base [CA] development clears hurdle" Lenny Siegel (06/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, VOCs: Ordnance Road Landfill, Ardmore, OK Lenny Siegel (06/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, NATURAL RESOURCES: "Rewilding Kaho'olawe Island" (HI) Lenny Siegel (06/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Port San Antonio [Kelly Air Force Base, TX] may have lessons for Wichita" Lenny Siegel (06/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Land purchases near Joint Base McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst (NJ) Lenny Siegel (06/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fort Ord history and problems from the beginning up to the present Dan O'Brien (06/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Moffett Field's (CA) Hangar One "nearly naked" Lenny Siegel (06/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Steel-core bullets Lenny Siegel (06/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PRESERVATION, RADIATION: Manhattan Project National Historical Park(s) Lenny Siegel (06/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Lead shot ingestion risk at Tyndall Air Force Base (FL) elementary school Lenny Siegel (06/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Otterbein College, OH Lenny Siegel (06/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, LEAD: Defense Logistics Agency employees at Robins AFB (GA) tested for lead Lenny Siegel (06/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, COMMUNITIES: Huge community meeting "downstream" from Bethpage Navy-Grumman plant (NY) Lenny Siegel (06/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Oakland Army Base (CA) conversion approved Lenny Siegel (06/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] LONG-TERM MANAGEMENT: "Minding the End" Lenny Siegel (06/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, ENERGY: Former Brunswick Naval Air Station (ME) as "renewable energy hub " Lenny Siegel (06/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] SHIPBREAKING: Toxic U.S. ships sent to Indian beaches for "breaking" Lenny Siegel (06/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, CULTURAL RESOURCES: "Court tells Army to finish Makua Valley [HI] studies" Lenny Siegel (06/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Quantico [VA} wary of its explosive past" Lenny Siegel (06/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, GLOBAL: Valcartier (Quebec) Army Base court rulingt Lenny Siegel (06/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ASBESTOS: CSWAB UDPATE: CSWAB Petitions WDNR for Asbestos Testing at Badger Lenny Siegel (06/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Utah meeting about BLM land Lenny Siegel (06/27/12)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES, REUSE: "Weed crew beats back invasive cheatgrass at Fort Ord, " CA Lenny Siegel (06/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] SHIPS: Lawsuit challenges SINKEX Lenny Siegel (06/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: "South Weber gets warning" on Hill Air Force Base (UT) pollution Lenny Siegel (06/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES, MUNITIONS: "Only a few allowed access to New Boston Air Force Station" (NH) Lenny Siegel (07/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS: Clamshell shell leak, Milford, DE Lenny Siegel (07/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Navy-Grumman Bethpage, NY "Toxic Plume Creeps Closer To Contaminating More Public Drinking Water Supplies" Lenny Siegel (07/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE and REALIGNMENT: BRAC 2005 Costs and Savings Estimates Lenny Siegel (07/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: Senate federal property sales legislation Lenny Siegel (07/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] WATER: Wisconsin approves alternate water at Badger Plant Lenny Siegel (07/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, PERCHLORATE: "Cleanup work to resume at Camp Bonneville" (WA) Lenny Siegel (07/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE; China may fund Hunters Point and Treasure Island (CA) projects Lenny Siegel (07/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: Wood waste burning at Holloman Air Force Base (NM) Lenny Siegel (07/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: CSWAB UPDATE: Army Reins in Community Oversight of Groundwater Cleanup Lenny Siegel (07/09/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Support Agent Orange War's Victim's DioxinVn.com (07/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, FORMERS SITES: "Groundwater testing due near toxic [Spring Valley] D.C. house" Lenny Siegel (07/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, FORMER SITES: Spring Valley (DC) home demolition Lenny Siegel (07/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Another meeting planned to address Navy-Grumman plume, Bethpage, NY Lenny Siegel (07/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: High levels found in Inland Empire (CA) aquifers Lenny Siegel (07/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Rialto, CA settlement Lenny Siegel (07/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: Solar City and Lend Lease to solarize Air Force housing Lenny Siegel (07/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "Appeals court schedules hearing in Myrtle Beach contamination lawsuit" Lenny Siegel (07/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH: "VA takes steps to deal with mounting [Camp] Lejeune [NC] water claims" Lenny Siegel (07/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH: "Sen. DeMint blocks bill for Marines' [Camp] Lejeune [NC] water victims" Lenny Siegel (07/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PRESERVATION: No plan/money to re-skin Moffett Field's (CA) Hangar One Lenny Siegel (07/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH: Camp "Lejeune [NC] water contamination bill passes Senate" Lenny Siegel (07/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: Iowa Army Ammunition Plant's Lake Mathes Lenny Siegel (07/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Camp Lejeune (NC) water documents released Lenny Siegel (07/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Kirtland Air Force Base [NM] Jet Fuel Spill Threatens Albuquerque Water Supply" Lenny Siegel (07/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "No plans for Carroll Creek warning signs, " Ft. Detrick, MD Lenny Siegel (07/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE, CHEMWEAPONS: "Umatilla Chemical Depot [OR] turns lights off" Lenny Siegel (07/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Pools Prairie Superfund Site, Neosho, Missouri Lenny Siegel (07/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Maywood Chemical Co. Superfund site, Maywood, NJ Lenny Siegel (07/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Navy-Grumman Bethpage plume, Long Island, New York Lenny Siegel (07/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Ft. Detrick (MD) Area B water contamination Lenny Siegel (07/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] SHIPBREAKING: Brownsville, TX Lenny Siegel (07/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: COPT gives Fort Ritchie [MD] back to PenMar Development Corp. Lenny Siegel (07/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Industry challenges EPA White Paper Lenny Siegel (07/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, VOCs: House passes Janey Ensminger act for Camp Lejeune (NC) Marines Lenny Siegel (08/01/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: Alameda Naval Air Station Runway Workshops Lenny Siegel (08/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: South Weymouth Naval Air Station (MA) hangar (Building 82) Lenny Siegel (08/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: Canada's DEW Line sites Lenny Siegel (08/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] EXPANSION: Marine want off-road-vehicle area at 29 Palms, CA Lenny Siegel (08/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: "Army to re-form Badger plant [WI] advisory board" Lenny Siegel (08/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: Congress Asked to Defend Community Participation in Military Cleanups Lenny Siegel (08/09/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, GLOBAL: Vietnam Agent Orange cleanup Lenny Siegel (08/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH, VOCs: "Healthcare Bill for Camp Lejeune [NC] Water Contamination Victims Signed Into Law" Lenny Siegel (08/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, DEVELOPMENT: "Army denied access to test Frederick housing site for contamination" near Ft. Detrick, MD Lenny Siegel (08/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: Defense, Interior reach agreement on renewables Lenny Siegel (08/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] EXPANSION, BIOTA: 29 Palms (CA) Marines plan to relocate tortoises Lenny Siegel (08/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: Former Brunswick Naval Air Station, ME Lenny Siegel (08/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RESERVES: Caven Point U.S. Army Reserv, Jersey City, NJ Lenny Siegel (08/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] BIOLABS: Community want Ft. Detrick (MD) notification agreement Lenny Siegel (08/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS: "Remediation of Buried Chemical Warfare Materiel" Lenny Siegel (08/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: CSWAB UPDATE: Better Tracking of Toxic Explosive Needed at Munitions Sites Lenny Siegel (08/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: 500-pound Bomb in Lang Vei Lenny Siegel (08/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP and ESTCP Announce Cancellation of 2012 Symposium & Workshop Lenny Siegel (08/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Kansas Army Ammunition Plant transfer Lenny Siegel (08/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: Treasure Island, San Francisco, California Lenny Siegel (08/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: Israel set to clean up military industrial sites Lenny Siegel (08/18/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: Canada TV series: "Bomb Hunters" Lenny Siegel (08/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] NATIVE PEOPLE: Chippewa to raise 70 Army barrels from Lake Superior Lenny Siegel (08/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant, Dallas, TX Lenny Siegel (08/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE: Parcel E2 Landfill Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco, CA Lenny Siegel (08/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: Radwaste inner tank leak at Hanford, WA Lenny Siegel (08/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] EXPANSION: Johnson Valley off-road lovers fight [Twenty-Nine Palms, CA] Marines to stay on trails Lenny Siegel (08/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "Navy sought to stifle radiation concerns about Treasure Island" (CA) Lenny Siegel (08/28/12)

[CPEO-MEF] NATIVE PEOPLES, BIOTA: Navy Hood Canal (WA) mitigation dispute Lenny Siegel (08/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GROUNDWATER: Navy plans injections at South Weymouth (MA) Lenny Siegel (08/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Key Largo Air Force Station (FL) Lenny Siegel (08/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, ENCROACHMENT: Kingsville Naval Air Station (TX) and wind farms Lenny Siegel (08/30/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Munitions Classification in the Hands of Production Firms" Lenny Siegel (08/30/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Fort Ord Reuse Authority "seeks to cut down trees at Parker Flats" Lenny Siegel (08/30/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: EPA to hold public meeting Thursday, September 20, 2012 Lenny Siegel (08/31/12)

[CPEO-MEF] "Air Force insists it has [Kirtland Air Force Base] fuel issue under control, " Albuquerque, NM Lenny Siegel (09/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, RECYCLING: Concord Naval Weapons Station (CA) Lenny Siegel (09/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MANAGEMENT: Robyn to move to GSA Lenny Siegel (09/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "Treasure Island: A Lenny Siegel (09/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: San Francisco "Supervisors call for hearing on reports of Treasure Island radiation threat" Lenny Siegel (09/06/12)

[CPEO-MEF] WORKERS: OSHA Violations at Coronado Navy Base (CA) Lenny Siegel (09/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: You Are Invited to Webinar on Information Sharing Tools Lenny Siegel (09/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: "Race and Radiation: The Equal Opportunity Killer at the Savannah River Site" Lenny Siegel (09/10/12)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: "DOE wants changes to Hanford [WA] Advisory Board" Lenny Siegel (09/10/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: CSWAB UPDATE: Kohl/Baldwin Ask Army to Explain Actions Lenny Siegel (09/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Navy Broadway Project [San Diego, CA] Challenged In Federal Court" Lenny Siegel (09/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, SAFETY: "100, 000 protest U.S. Osprey in Okinawa" Lenny Siegel (09/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, RADIATION: "SF wants state to conduct new study of Treasure Island cleanup" Lenny Siegel (09/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Dallas Navy Plant transfer and leasing negotiations Lenny Siegel (09/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Mass. National Guard settles with EPA" at Camp Edwards Lenny Siegel (09/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: New proposal for Great Park at El Toro Marine Corps Air Station, CA Lenny Siegel (09/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP: Lower Submarine Base, Groton, CT Lenny Siegel (09/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "Residents vent over Treasure Island contamination" (San Francisco, CA) Lenny Siegel (09/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP: Ft. Meade (MD) Pesticide Shop Lenny Siegel (09/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: BETRAYAL: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-up Lenny Siegel (09/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: "Longtime Activists" oppose Community Advisory Group at Santa Susana Field Lab (CA) Lenny Siegel (09/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, ENERGY: Discarded bombs in the Gulf Lenny Siegel (09/28/12)

[CPEO-MEF] EXPANSION: "Decision delayed on expansion of Marine base at Twentynine Palms" (CA) Lenny Siegel (09/28/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GROUNDWATER: Airborne geophysical survey at Nebraska Ordnance Plant site Lenny Siegel (09/29/12)


[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, SECURITY: "Obama Orders Chinese Company to End [Wind] Investment at Sites Near [Oregon] Drone Base" Lenny Siegel (10/01/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: Registration and Housing for Brownfields 2013 is Now Open! Lenny Siegel (10/02/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PRESERVATION, ENERGY: Ford Island (HI) solar plan challenged Lenny Siegel (10/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] SUSTAINABLE RANGES: GAO says "DOD Met Annual Reporting Requirements and Improved Its Sustainable Ranges Report" Lenny Siegel (10/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Schumer calls on GSA to expedite sale of former Poughkeepsie [NY] Army reserve center" Lenny Siegel (10/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: Students excluded from Spring Valley (DC) Advisory Board Lenny Siegel (10/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, CHEMWEAPONS: "Army Corps removes soil with high arsenic levels" in Spring Valley, DC Lenny Siegel (10/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Former Kansas Army Ammunition Plant ribbon-cutting Lenny Siegel (10/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] HEALTH: "Alarming breast cancer rates among troops" Lenny Siegel (10/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, REGULATION: Proposed Allied Chemical Superfund site, Macon, GA Lenny Siegel (10/08/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Millions of unexploded bombs lie in waters off US coast" Lenny Siegel (10/08/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: North O'ahu, Hawai'i target islands Lenny Siegel (10/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GROUNDWATER: Army to suspend Badger Ammo Plant (WI) cleanup Lenny Siegel (10/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, CONTRACTORS: "U.S. Government Expecting Long Island [NY] Residents To Pay For Navy’s Toxic Mistake" Lenny Siegel (10/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "City, citizen group question Alameda Point [CA] cleanup proposal" Lenny Siegel (10/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, PERCHLORATE: Camp Bonneville (WA) cleanup resumes Lenny Siegel (10/15/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "At Walter Reed site [DC], officials push for a town center" Lenny Siegel (10/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MEDICAL WASTE: Forest Glen Annex, Silver Spring, Maryland Lenny Siegel (10/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] NATIVE PEOPLE, REUSE, NASA: "Chumash looking to acquire portion of Santa Susana Field Lab" (CA) Lenny Siegel (10/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "Schumer Urges Navy To Expedite Bethpage [NY] Reimbursement" Lenny Siegel (10/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Badger Ammo Plant (WI) "will be divided up, public can tour" Lenny Siegel (10/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: PCE found deep underground near Kirtland Air Force Base (NM) Lenny Siegel (10/20/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: China Lake (CA) solar array Lenny Siegel (10/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: "Underground water near Seoul's U.S. military camp contaminated" (South Korea) Lenny Siegel (10/23/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Deer Lodge Local Training Area, Montana Lenny Siegel (10/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Alameda Point (CA) land exchange Lenny Siegel (10/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "At Oakland's [CA] Abandoned Army Base, a Jobs Plan Brings Hope to Locals" Lenny Siegel (10/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, NATIVE PEOPLES: National Letter Supports Ho-Chunk Claim at Badger (WI) Lenny Siegel (10/24/12)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES: Army surveys Makua (HI) neighbors Lenny Siegel (10/24/12)


[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, REUSE: "Treasure Island [CA] sites called safe from radiation" Lenny Siegel (10/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Air Force ruled again not responsible for Myrtle Beach (SC) plume Lenny Siegel (10/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] GROUNDWATER: Former Nebraska Ordnance Plant annual containment report Lenny Siegel (10/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] BIODEFENSE, REUSE: Enviro group "Raises Concerns About Future Of Plum Island" (NY) Lenny Siegel (10/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Eglin Air Force Base Small Area Studies report Lenny Siegel (10/27/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: CSWAB UPDATE: EPA Defends Badger RAB Lenny Siegel (10/31/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, NATURAL RESOURCES: Mare Island Shipyard (CA) team earns award Lenny Siegel (11/02/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP: Alameda (CA) "NAS Runway Cleanup Starts" Lenny Siegel (11/02/12)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: "DOE takes a step back from changes to Hanford [WA] Advisory Board" Lenny Siegel (11/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, CLEANUP: GAO: "Most DOE Cleanup Projects Are Complete..." Lenny Siegel (11/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP, VOCs: NRC report: "Cleanup of Most Challenging U.S. Contaminated Groundwater Sites Unlikely for Many Decades" Lenny Siegel (11/08/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: National Fireworks site, Hanover, MA Lenny Siegel (11/08/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: Air Force to ship McClellan AFB (CA) waste to Idaho Lenny Siegel (11/09/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Old pollution puts brakes on mountain-bike park, " former Orland Naval Training Center (FL) Lenny Siegel (11/10/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Watertown Arsenal (MA) GSA property Lenny Siegel (11/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Wisconsin Challenges Army on Pesticide Liability" at Badger plant Lenny Siegel (11/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] LEASING: Holiday Inn to be built on Eglin Air Force Base (FL) property Lenny Siegel (11/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP: "Soil cleanup complete" at the former Nebraska Ordnance Plant Lenny Siegel (11/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE, VOCs: State health study downplays Rialto (CA) risk Lenny Siegel (11/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Communities Sign-On Letter on Munitions Constituents in S.3525 This letter, signed by 35 environmental activists in 16 states and territories, was sent to Senators Tester, Reid, and Boxer. Lenny Siegel (11/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, REUSE: Former Frankford Arsenal (PA) Lenny Siegel (11/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, FORMER SITES: Spring Valley house scheduled for demolition Lenny Siegel (11/21/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Special Exemptions from Toxics Law Lenny Siegel (11/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PESTICIDES: Ft. Meade (MD) Pesticide Shop cleanup Lenny Siegel (11/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, RADIATION: TI settles with U.S. over Shpack Landfill, MA Lenny Siegel (11/22/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, RADIATION: Lake Ontario Ordnance Works field-investigation plan, Lenny Siegel (11/25/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Outdoors bill angers some environmentalists" Lenny Siegel (11/26/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, VOCs: Extension Sought for former Schilling Air Force Base (KS) settlement Lenny Siegel (11/27/12)

[CPEO-MEF] ENERGY: Navy and wind developer reach agreement at site north of Kingsville (TX) Lenny Siegel (11/28/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Sportsmen’s Act stalled Lenny Siegel (11/29/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CHEMWEAPONS, FORMER SITES: Spring Valley (DC) house demolished Lenny Siegel (11/30/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Edge of Kirtland Air Force Base (NM) plume "may have been found" Lenny Siegel (12/01/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Webinar: Managing the Nation's Contaminated Groundwater Sites Lenny Siegel (12/03/12)

[CPEO-MEF] Stakeholders' Forum on the Use of Geophysical Classification for Munitions Response Lenny Siegel (12/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Barstow (CA) fireworks cleanup Lenny Siegel (12/04/12)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Impact of lead on firing-range workers (NAS study) Lenny Siegel (12/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] WATER: Army plan for alternate water at Badger Plant (WI) Lenny Siegel (12/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, FORMER SITES: Niagara Falls Storage Site uranium Lenny Siegel (12/05/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REMINDER: Webinar Wednesday, December 12, on NRC Groundwater Cleanup Report Lenny Siegel (12/07/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: Fwd: "Boeing's Meltdown Makeover - secret plan to greenwash Rocketdyne [CA]exposed" Lenny Siegel (12/10/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, RADIATION: Shallow Land Disposal Area, Parks, PA Lenny Siegel (12/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Oakland Army Base [CA] redevelopment to relocate dozens of businesses" Lenny Siegel (12/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] BIODEFENSE: Ft. Detrick (MD) lab considers how to release "incidents" data Lenny Siegel (12/11/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: China Development Bank funds Lennar at San Francisco Navy bases Lenny Siegel (12/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Rumors of change at Moffett Field (CA) Lenny Siegel (12/12/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REGULATION: "Hanford [WA] cleanup deadline changes proposed" Lenny Siegel (12/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, VOCs: Schilling Air Force Base [KS] settlement Lenny Siegel (12/13/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: 1958 nuclear crash site near Dyess Air Force Base, TX Lenny Siegel (12/14/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE, ARSENIC: Shepley's Hill remediation, former Ft. Devens (MA) Lenny Siegel (12/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] CONTRACTORS, REUSE: Rocketdyne (CA) cleanup debate Lenny Siegel (12/16/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: Barnwel (SC) radwaste dump Lenny Siegel (12/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Hurricane Sandy prompts state agency to accelerate sale of historic Fort Monmouth [NJ] homes" Lenny Siegel (12/17/12)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Judge's ruling a win for Treasure Island (CA) development" Lenny Siegel (12/19/12)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, GLOBAL: "U.S. Navy sailors sue Japan over nuclear accident" Lenny Siegel (12/29/12)

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