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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] CLOSURE, FUEL: North Charleston (SC) Navy tank farm
Brownfield testing
Charleston County wins federal grant

By Bo Petersen
Charleston Post and Courier (SC)
March 26, 2012

The old Tank Farm looks almost bucolic, with its rolling swales and old oaks. But when the huge fuel tanks were removed, questions remained.

The U.S. Navy stored nearly 300,000 barrels worth of petroleum fuel in six giant, earth-covered tanks on the 65-acre site on Carner Avenue in North Charleston.

When the tanks were taken out in the 1990s, there was controversy over how to clean up the site. Navy officials flatly conceded cost would be a factor in what they did.

The Tank Farm -- like a lot of other abandoned lots around the old Navy base, up and down the Neck area and across the county -- became a brownfield, a leftover, possibly polluted industry property. Nobody could really be sure just how safe it was to live, work or play there.


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