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[CPEO-BIF] Tribal Research and Technical Assistance Grant Application Deadlines Hersh, Robert (01/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Western Endicott (NY) vapor study Lenny Siegel (01/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Central City Park, Westland, Michigan Lenny Siegel (01/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hitachi property, Montcalm County, Michigan Lenny Siegel (01/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Lenny Siegel (01/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Roosevelt middle school, Nassau County. New York Lenny Siegel (01/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Perkasie (PA) vapor intrusion systems Lenny Siegel (01/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Galveston, Texas incinerator site Lenny Siegel (01/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Solvent under East Somerville (MA) school Lenny Siegel (01/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Case Estates, Weston, Massachusetts Lenny Siegel (01/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Milwaukee area wide redevelopment Hersh, Robert (01/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Air moniting law for New Jersey day-care centers Lenny Siegel (01/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Whole Foods, Brooklyn Lenny Siegel (01/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Bronx (NY) high schools Lenny Siegel (01/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] City hopes cleanup entices buyer Hersh, Robert (01/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE at Douglas, Michigan project Lenny Siegel (01/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA benefit study Hersh, Robert (01/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Endicott (NY) - 24 homes still need ventilation Lenny Siegel (01/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, Florida Lenny Siegel (01/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Douglas, Michigan projected delayed because of TCE Lenny Siegel (01/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Area wide BF development in NJ Hersh, Robert (01/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] working link Hersh, Robert (01/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Foster Wheeler site, Wright Township, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (01/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] School on Sanford, Florida farmland Lenny Siegel (01/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Wisconsin-EPA sign agreement on One Cleanup Program Hersh, Robert (01/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA report on mill sites Hersh, Robert (01/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] East Pointe, East Providence, Rhode Island Lenny Siegel (01/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] 2007 EPA Smart Growth Implementation Assistance Request for Applications Lenny Siegel (01/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Roanoke, Virginia Lenny Siegel (01/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York's Brownfield Opportunity Area critiqued Lenny Siegel (01/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] [Fwd: TIF financing/brownfields report] Lenny Siegel (01/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Mott Haven school site report Lenny Siegel (01/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Peninsular Place, Ypsilanti, Michigan Lenny Siegel (01/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Wabash, Indiana YMCA Lenny Siegel (01/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Northville Psychiatric Hospital, Northville, Michigan Lenny Siegel (01/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] BF insurance report Hersh, Robert (01/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Battle Mountain, Eagle Valley, Colorado Lenny Siegel (01/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] King-Jefferson School, Trenton, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (01/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Tallevast (FL) plume threatens development Lenny Siegel (01/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Innocenti Park, Beverly, Massachusetts Lenny Siegel (01/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "Arsenic in Hurricane Katrina wood debris" Lenny Siegel (01/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] UK gardeners against brownfields Hersh, Robert (01/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Journal articles on brownfields Hersh, Robert (01/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Articles on brownfields Hersh, Robert (01/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Renewable fuel crops on brownfields Hersh, Robert (01/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields as transit sites Hersh, Robert (01/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Schools built on brownfields---Rhode Island court ruling Hersh, Robert (01/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] 2008 EPA Brownfields Conference in Detroit Hersh, Robert (01/31/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Trinity Uptown project, Fort Worth, Texas Lenny Siegel (01/31/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Oregon BF conference Robert Hersh (02/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Environmental Justice Conference -- Financial Assistance Application John Rosenthall (02/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Biomass from brownfields Robert Hersh (02/02/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Frequency Engineering Laboratories, Howell, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (02/03/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Public-private partnership in NJ Robert Hersh (02/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Western MA area-wide site assessment grant Hersh, Robert (02/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Vinyl chloride source at Norco High School (CA) Lenny Siegel (02/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "Developer drops Tallevast [FL] lawsuit" lsiegel@cpeo.org (02/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] [Fwd: Register Now for the CDC/Brownfields Webcast; Free to the First 100 Registrants] Lenny Siegel (02/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Solar energy from Brownfields Robert Hersh (02/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Bishop Tube, East Whiteland, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (02/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Dayton, Ohio vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (02/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Urban Land Protection Forum2 -- SAVE THE DATE! Robert Hersh (02/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Vinyl chloride at Norco High (CA) Lenny Siegel (02/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Pittsburgh Bakery Square Project Robert Hersh (02/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Web-based BF sell off Robert Hersh (02/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] local vs. state BF subsidies Robert Hersh (02/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Asbury Park dump cleanup Robert Hersh (02/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] NJ DEP tightens chromium standard Hersh, Robert (02/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Energizer VOCs, Bennington, Vermont Lenny Siegel (02/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Leander school site, Austin, Texas Lenny Siegel (02/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Connecticut study calls for $250 million for statewide BF cleanup Hersh, Robert (02/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Affordable housing on South Bronx brownfields Hersh, Robert (02/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Riverfront cleanup in Asheville Hersh, Robert (02/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] BoRit Asbestos Piles, Ambler, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (02/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Web supported auction of BF properties Hersh, Robert (02/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Re: Brownfields Digest, Vol 30, Issue 14 LSchnapf (02/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] GAO report on Underground Storage Tanks Lenny Siegel (02/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New Jersey guidance on concrete recycling Lenny Siegel (02/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Douglas, Michigan: Proposed Development over a TCE Plume Lenny Siegel (02/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Montgomery, Alabama TCE plume Lenny Siegel (02/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Norco (CA) High School vinyl chloride Lenny Siegel (02/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Area-wide BF cleanup stymied by waste site Hersh, Robert (02/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] recent law review articles on brownfields Hersh, Robert (02/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] FW: Montgomery, AL TCE plume Hersh, Robert (02/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Bennington, Vermont vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (03/02/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Constraints redeveloping old mills in Pennsylvania Robert Hersh (03/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Connaughton to address EJ conference Lenny Siegel (03/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Restoring Greenspace 2007 Lenny Siegel (03/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] SMARTe update available Lenny Siegel (03/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] land bank for area-wide BF redevelopment Robert Hersh (03/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "garden grabs" for BF redevelopment in the UK Robert Hersh (03/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields and "Eco-towns" in the UK Robert Hersh (03/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] MEW Study Area TAG RFP Lenny Siegel (03/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New Jersey targets BF sites for portfields initiative Robert Hersh (03/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Newnan, Georgia Lenny Siegel (03/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Financial Assistance Available for LEED for Neighborhood Development Pilots Lenny Siegel (03/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Holland, Michigan lsiegel@cpeo.org (03/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] West Lafayette, Ohio Lenny Siegel (03/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Kingsport, Tennessee Lenny Siegel (03/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Sanford-area school, Seminole County, FL Lenny Siegel (03/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] National EJ Conference, DC, March 29-31, 2007 Lenny Siegel (03/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Gateway to Health Sciences High School, Queens, New York Lenny Siegel (03/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Norco (CA) schools and vinyl chloride Lenny Siegel (03/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Cesar Chavez High School, Houston, Texas Lenny Siegel (03/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Air monitoring at Keith Middle School, New Bedford, MA Lenny Siegel (03/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Honeywell (former Bendix) plant, Teterboro, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (03/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] University of Dayton, Ohio Lenny Siegel (03/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Victor, New York TCE and vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (03/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Bally, PA -- Contamination hinders home's sale Lenny Siegel (03/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New Orleans dumping Lenny Siegel (03/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Capital Region, New York Lenny Siegel (03/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Traverse City (MI) benefits debate Lenny Siegel (03/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Appleton, Wisconsin Lenny Siegel (03/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Preschool, Chino, California Lenny Siegel (03/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Lawsuit on NY State Regs Lenny Siegel (03/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Luzerne (PA) building re-occupied Lenny Siegel (03/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Subsidy debate derails Michigan BF project Robert Hersh (04/02/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New Jersey - "Are 'capped' chemical sites safe?" Lenny Siegel (04/02/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Cameron and Herr project, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (04/03/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Martindale Clinic, Hope, Arkansas Lenny Siegel (04/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Middle school, Upper Freehold, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (04/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Franklin, New Jersey - after Kiddie Kollege Lenny Siegel (04/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Love Canal legacy stymies reuse of brownfields Hersh, Robert (04/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Kennywood Park, Duquesne, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (04/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Lawsuit over Mott Haven campus, the Bronx, NY Lenny Siegel (04/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Ambridge, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (04/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Restoration 2007 travel scholarships - May 2-4 in NOLA Lenny Siegel (04/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] MTBE in groundwater, Hilltown Township, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (04/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York City school site leasing Lenny Siegel (04/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Central Massachusetts: Old economy built on the new Hersh, Robert (04/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Chino (CA) preschool Lenny Siegel (04/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New Jersey DEP plans to overhaul cleanup program Robert Hersh (04/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Vapors in one Victor (NY) home Lenny Siegel (04/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hickory Hills, Brooksville, Florida Lenny Siegel (04/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] St. Joseph County (IN) administrative control areas lsiegel@cpeo.org (04/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Winter Olympics spurs brownfields cleanup bobh (04/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] survey finds BF development on the rise Hersh, Robert (04/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Residents vote down city brownfield redevelopment authority Hersh, Robert (04/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Helping brownfield owners comply with Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements Hersh, Robert (04/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] link to Sarbanes-Oxley artide Hersh, Robert (04/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] non-truncated link to sarbanes-oxley article bobh (04/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Pittsburgh riverfront development bobh (04/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Blood testing offered at New Bedford (MA) schools Lenny Siegel (04/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Rome Cable site, Utica, New York Lenny Siegel (04/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Harlem River, New York City Lenny Siegel (04/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Cornwall, Ontario "a leader" Lenny Siegel (04/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Involving students in BF reuse discussions bobh (04/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Cleaning Up Brownfields through Community Land Trusts Lenny Siegel (04/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Ithaca, New York TCE vapors Lenny Siegel (04/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Tribal Assistance Grants Lenny Siegel (04/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Fw: Toxic Wastes at Twenty Deb \(Gmail\) (04/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Green power from brownfields Robert Hersh (04/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Growing biofuels on brownfields Robert Hersh (04/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE in outdoor air, Endicott, NY Lenny Siegel (04/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Energizer vapor intrusion, Bennington, Vermont Lenny Siegel (04/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Subsidies for site assessment at Muskegon Mall Hersh, Robert (04/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Victor, NY vapor Lenny Siegel (04/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Mixed-use development proposed on former chemical plant Hersh, Robert (04/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "Green" New York City plan Lenny Siegel (04/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Memorial Park Middle School, Fort Wayne, Indiana Lenny Siegel (04/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Seminole County, Florida schools Lenny Siegel (04/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Goodwin College, East Hartford, CT Lenny Siegel (05/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Gray's Landing, Des Moines, Iowa Lenny Siegel (05/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Northville (MI) Psychiatric Hospital developer Lenny Siegel (05/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Welland, Ontario brownfields incentives Lenny Siegel (05/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Zephyr Oil Bulk Fuel Terminal, Elmwood, Michigan Lenny Siegel (05/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Yerba Buena Elementary School, Agoura/Westlake, CA Lenny Siegel (05/03/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Area-wide BF redevelopment plan in Ontario bobh (05/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Newsday's views on New York's Brownfields Law Lenny Siegel (05/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Traverse City (MI) parking questioned Lenny Siegel (05/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "Connecticut's Brownfield Blues" Lenny Siegel (05/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Denver, Colorado's Osage Mercado Lenny Siegel (05/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York city schools Lenny Siegel (05/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Save the date for August 11, 2007 Mississippi workshop Lenny Siegel (05/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE spells tax relief in Wright Township, PA Lenny Siegel (05/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York City's brownfields plan Lenny Siegel (05/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE in Fruit Valley, Vancouver, Washington Lenny Siegel (05/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Jersey City community RFP Lenny Siegel (05/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Temecula (CA) hospital proposal Lenny Siegel (05/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Whitehall Leather tannery, Muskegon, Michigan Lenny Siegel (05/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Glasgow UK proposes area-wide brownfields development bobh (05/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Benefits of green composting on brownfields bobh (05/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Wal-Mart in Birmingham’s Titusville neighborhood (Alabama) Lenny Siegel (05/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Canadian town sets up tax assistance plan for BF developers bobh (05/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Honeywell cleanup, Tampa, Florida Lenny Siegel (05/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] South Central Oklahoma Lenny Siegel (05/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA Awards $71 million in brownfield grants Robert Hersh (05/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Five "eco-towns" planned for UK brownfields bobh (05/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Reflections on European brownfield policy Robert Hersh (05/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Atlantic City planning to turn brownfields into parks Hersh, Robert (05/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Denver (CO) receives EPA grant for 10th and Osage site Lenny Siegel (05/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Oxford Auto site, Gratiot County, Michigan Lenny Siegel (05/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Grand Rapids (MI) lofts Lenny Siegel (05/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Roanoke (VA) brownfields effort tied to flood control measures Hersh, Robert (05/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] National BF education program seeking local partners---engaging youth in brownfields redevelopment Hersh, Robert (05/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Pawtucket (RI) bike path planned on brownfield parcels bobh (05/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Creating Community-Based Brownfields Redevelopment Strategies Training Workshop] Lenny Siegel (05/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Energizer (Bennington, Vermont) vapor results Lenny Siegel (05/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New report on revitalizing older industrial cities Hersh, Robert (05/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Vapor intrustion in Cortlandville, NY Lenny Siegel (05/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] General Dynamics site, Woodbridge, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (05/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Windmills on former steel mill Robert Hersh (05/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Chatham (NJ) lawsuit over gas station redevelopment Lenny Siegel (05/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Pittsburgh area plans to create 128 mile riverfront park bobh (05/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Proposed changes to NY state brownfields law bobh (05/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Massive regeneration scheme for Wales' biggest brownfield bobh (05/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Pesticides at Paramus (NJ) school Lenny Siegel (05/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Bishop Tube site, Chester County, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (05/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Arsenic-tainted Swann Park, Baltimore, Maryland Lenny Siegel (05/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Data on New York's Brownfields Cleanup Program Lenny Siegel (05/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Dunkirk, NY area-wide brownfields planning Robert Hersh (05/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Albany, NY --- reforming NY state brownfields law bobh (05/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Warren, MI --- Tax subsidy debated for greyfield redevelopment Robert Hersh (05/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] BCP Data LSchnapf (05/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EJ grant opportunities in Massachusetts Robert Hersh (05/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] BCP Data Followup and Self-Directed Cleanups LSchnapf (05/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Report from the March, 2007 Consultation on Brownfields Subsidies Lenny Siegel (05/31/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Sarbanes-Oxley Act putting mothballed sites on market bobh (06/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Sarbanes-Oxley & de-mothballing Kris Wernstedt (06/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Re: Brownfields Digest, Vol 34, Issue 1 lschnapf (06/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Bigelow Boiler building, New Haven, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (06/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Re: Brownfields Digest, Vol 34, Issue 5 lschnapf (06/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] UK London portfield initiative bobh (06/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Second story in Omaha, Nebraska Lenny Siegel (06/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New NRC report on limitations of sediment dredging at contaminated sites bobh (06/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] NY ---Spitzer proposes Bf reforms bobh (06/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Two Connecticut Vapor Intrusion Sites Lenny Siegel (06/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Spitzer's NY brownfields proposal "needs a rewrite" Lenny Siegel (06/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York City rules fo school leasing Lenny Siegel (06/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Whitehall Leather (MI) Lenny Siegel (06/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Nyanza vapor intrustion, Ashland, MA Lenny Siegel (06/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Poughkeepsie (NY) waterfront Lenny Siegel (06/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] More on New York brownfields reform Robert Hersh (06/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] BF acts as a Berlin wall in Worcester MA bobh (06/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Czech Republic develops broad BF regeneration strategy bobh (06/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Quincy (PA) water testing ordnance Lenny Siegel (06/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA Releases Documentary Film on success story for Environmental Justice Progra] Lenny Siegel (06/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields 2008 Lenny Siegel (06/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Crossley Farm Superfund site, Hereford Township, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (06/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Recent law review articles of interest Robert Hersh (06/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] General Dynamics, Woodbridge, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (06/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Miami FL Luxury Condos constructed on former Superfund landfill Robert Hersh (06/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Victoria BC Area-wide BF redevelopment on former sawmill bobh (06/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Stafford NJ-- "Smart growth area" designation for BF cluster bobh (06/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York City school-site leasing Lenny Siegel (06/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Gov. Spitzer's BF proposal criticized Robert Hersh (06/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Smart growth and area-wide BF redevelopment pushed in NY state bobh (06/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] (VT) Land trust builds affordable housing on BF site bobh (06/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] NY BF program seen as economic boondoggle Robert Hersh (06/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "Uncertain fate" for NY School Leasing Bill Lenny Siegel (06/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hlillcrest, NY - more vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (06/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Millsboro, DE TCE Lenny Siegel (06/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York City school lease sites Lenny Siegel (06/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Colorado Community Brownfields Workshop - September 22, 2007 Lenny Siegel (06/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Bigelow Boiler, New Haven, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (06/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Novel "Brownfields" designation in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Lenny Siegel (06/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Methane detector Lenny Siegel (06/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Gilbert Paper site, Menasha, Wisconsin Lenny Siegel (06/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Denver's (CO) Cherokee-Gates project Lenny Siegel (06/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Maryland military job growth Lenny Siegel (06/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Re: Brownfields Digest, Vol 34, Issue 25 lschnapf (06/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Mendon, New York - development on a "midnight" dump Lenny Siegel (07/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Michigan--BF tax incentives in Grand Rapids and Warren bobh (07/03/07)

[CPEO-BIF] South Hill Elementary School, Ithaca, New York Lenny Siegel (07/03/07)

[CPEO-BIF] General Dynamics site, Avenel, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (07/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Long Island (NY) vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (07/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] GAO rpeort on EPA and Katrina Lenny Siegel (07/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Building Up Yonkers, New York Lenny Siegel (07/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Blighted industrial, residential sites to produce bio-fuel crops Robert Hersh (07/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Anschutz Awards Challenge Grant: For Immediate Release Juanita McConkey (07/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Arsenic in Swann Park, south Baltimore, Maryland Lenny Siegel (07/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Loral site, South Bronx Lenny Siegel (07/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] (NY) White Plains BF project gets $110 million tax break bobh (07/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] [Fwd: City developement from landfill creation, use, closure and remediation.] Lenny Siegel (07/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields subsidies in New York bobh (07/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Workshop on starting a Environmental Job Training Program Lenny Siegel (07/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hamlet Avenue middle school, Woonsocket, Rhode Island Lenny Siegel (07/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York state BF incentives valuable for upstate communities bobh (07/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Re: Brownfields Digest, Vol 35, Issue 13 LSchnapf (07/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] [Fwd: <www.brownfieldsinsurance.org>] Lenny Siegel (07/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfield Subsidies LSchnapf (07/21/07)

[Fwd: RE: [CPEO-BIF] Brownfield Subsidies] Lenny Siegel (07/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfield Incentives LSchnapf (07/22/07)

[Fwd: RE: [Fwd: RE: [CPEO-BIF] Brownfield Subsidies]] Lenny Siegel (07/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Colorado BF Foundation to redevelop former meth labs Robert Hersh (07/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Re: Brownfields Digest, Vol 35, Issue 19 lschnapf (07/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New Jersey BF cleanup subsidy bobh (07/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Re: Brownfields Digest, Vol 35, Issue 21 lschnapf (07/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] June Street area TCE, west Endicott, New York Lenny Siegel (07/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York school leasing bill update Lenny Siegel (07/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hamlet Avenue middle schools, Woonsocket, Rhode Island Lenny Siegel (07/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Martin Luther King Jr.- Jefferson School, Trenton, New Jersesy Lenny Siegel (07/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Montgomery, Alabama - TCE under homes Lenny Siegel (07/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Ford Motors, Highland Park, Minnesota Lenny Siegel (07/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Upper Ringwood (NJ) Ford Motor waste Lenny Siegel (07/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] NYC community boards may be given funds for BF pollution probes bobh (07/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Vapor intrusion at Dayton (OH) school Lenny Siegel (07/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "Restoring Prosperity" a new report from Brookings Robert Hersh (07/31/07)

[CPEO-BIF] [Fwd: RELEASE: Clinton Introduces Legislation to Help Communities with TCE Contamination] Lenny Siegel (08/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Baltimore housing Lenny Siegel (08/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Milwaukee's (WI) 30th Street Corridor Lenny Siegel (08/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Ft. Edward (NY) vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (08/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfield wine Lenny Siegel (08/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Intermet site, Ironton, Ohio Lenny Siegel (08/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Ironsides Battery. Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin Lenny Siegel (08/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Wood-Ridge (NJ) Affordable housing on brownfields bobh (08/08/07)

[Fwd: Re: [CPEO-BIF] Ironsides Battery. Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin] Lenny Siegel (08/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Target, Ansonia, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (08/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] [Fwd: Public Notification Rule Posted August 6, 2007] Lenny Siegel (08/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund awards $41 million to 15 brownfields projects Hersh, Robert (08/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields to biodiesel in Detroit Robert Hersh (08/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Marathon Oil, Detroit, Michigan Lenny Siegel (08/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Long Beach incinerator site, Nassau County, New York Lenny Siegel (08/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] [Fwd: Public Notification Rule Proposal: Web Link] Lenny Siegel (08/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Visiting Five Vapor Intrusion Brownfield Sites in New York State Lenny Siegel (08/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Biloxi (MS) brownfields in the aftermath of Katrina Robert Hersh (08/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields Tax Increment Financing Reports from NEMW Lenny Siegel (08/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] A Visit to East Baltimore (MD) Lenny Siegel (08/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] The East Baltimore [MD] Revitalization Story: A Resident's View Lenny Siegel (08/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Youth Organizing and Brownfields Lenny Siegel (08/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Biloxi (MS) Brownfields Workshop report Lenny Siegel (08/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Area wide BF redevelopment in Czech Republic Robert Hersh (08/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] UK --Affordable housing and brownfields Robert Hersh (08/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Michigan's use of BF redevelopment credits bobh (08/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] St. Matthew School site, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana Lenny Siegel (08/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] South Haven (MI) Factory Condominiums Lenny Siegel (08/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Copley Township (OH) VOCs Lenny Siegel (08/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfield to become LEED neighborhood bobh (08/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] West Endicott (NY TCE Lenny Siegel (08/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York City school leasing Lenny Siegel (08/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] RLF unspent in Worcester (MA) Robert Hersh (08/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Technical Assistance for Brownfields Communities - RFA Lenny Siegel (08/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Solar Energy Consortium at TechCity, Ulster, NY Lenny Siegel (08/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Kellogg Institute, Battle Creek, Michigan Lenny Siegel (08/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hancock Plaza, Rochester, NH indoor air Lenny Siegel (08/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA's FY08 Proposal Guidelines for Brownfields Grants Lenny Siegel (08/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] South Troy Industrial Park, Rensselaer County, New York Lenny Siegel (08/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Garfield Middle School, New Jersey indoor air Lenny Siegel (08/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "Long Island [NY] cleanup funds mired in bureaucracy" Lenny Siegel (08/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] (NY) Linking BF tax credits to area-wide projects bobh (08/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Vapor studies in Elmira Heights, NY Lenny Siegel (08/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Building houses on brownfields Hersh, Robert (08/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Marthon Oil expansion, Detroit, Michigan Lenny Siegel (08/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Long Island (NY) brownfields hearing Lenny Siegel (08/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Northern Binghamton (NY) vapor studies Lenny Siegel (08/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Heifer International, Little Rock, Arkansas Lenny Siegel (08/31/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Wabash (IN) bike and skate park Lenny Siegel (09/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Vestal (NY) vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (09/02/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA Region 4 Brownfields Grant Writing Workshop - September 13 Lenny Siegel (09/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Brownfields Job Training Grants Lenny Siegel (09/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Demolition next to Soundview High School (Bronx, NY) Lenny Siegel (09/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Schweizer Aircraft property, Big Flats, New York Lenny Siegel (09/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Vapor testing at South Hill Elementary School, Ithaca, NY Lenny Siegel (09/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Regina (Canada) vacant lot infill development plans bobh (09/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] NCR site may be second source of South Hill (Ithaca, NY) TCE Lenny Siegel (09/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Camden (ME) Lenny Siegel (09/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Tallevast (FL) development approved Lenny Siegel (09/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Town of Union, New York TCe investigation Lenny Siegel (09/08/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Shouse Landfill, Plainfield, Indiana Lenny Siegel (09/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Tabernacle, Pennsylvania shopping center Lenny Siegel (09/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Behr plant site, Dayton, Ohhio Lenny Siegel (09/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Pennsylvania BF bill would reimburse 75% of site redevelopment charges Robert Hersh (09/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Endicott Forging building, Endicott, New York Lenny Siegel (09/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA selects Microsoft Virtual Earth for map making Robert Hersh (09/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Denver workshop September 22 Lenny Siegel (09/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] brownfields and Microsoft's Virtual Earth program Robert Hersh (09/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Going Green in Urban America Lenny Siegel (09/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Genesee County Land Bank (MI) will rehab more than 700 tax-reverted properties Robert Hersh (09/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Contaminated new school in Long Island City, Queens, NY Lenny Siegel (09/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Sprague Electric, North Adams, MA Lenny Siegel (09/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] No Wal-Mart in Newtown (FL) Lenny Siegel (09/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Steel Point, Bridgeport, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (09/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Queen, NY toxic high school Lenny Siegel (09/21/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Report on the Colorado Community Brownfields Workshop Lenny Siegel (09/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Goodyear, Arizona Lenny Siegel (09/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Ironton Works site, Provo, Utah Lenny Siegel (09/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hudson Falls (NY) uses BF Opportunity Areas program funding to plan for development Hersh, Robert (09/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Garfield Middle School, Garfield, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (09/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Schools and potential vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (09/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Los Angeles - schools near freeways Lenny Siegel (09/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Available from the Northeast Midwest Institute Lenny Siegel (09/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] $32.9 million in BEDI grants available Robert Hersh (09/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Troy, Ohio vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (09/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Activists urge stronger New York brownfields cleanup rules Lenny Siegel (09/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Dearborn Heights, Michigan Lenny Siegel (09/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Terre Haute (IN) -- Long time residents identify "forgotten" brownfield properties Robert Hersh (09/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New Jersey Commerce Commission awards $7 million to clean up 2 brownfields Robert Hersh (09/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Changes mooted to NY State brownfield program Robert Hersh (09/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Not enough brownfields in Britain for housing bobh (09/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Levittown, Pennsylvania shopping center Lenny Siegel (09/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Old Chrysler plant, Dayton, Ohio Lenny Siegel (09/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hillcrest, New York vapor intrusion update Lenny Siegel (10/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Leelanau County Campus, Michigan Lenny Siegel (10/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Dark Shade Brownfields project, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (10/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Downtown Holland, Michigan Lenny Siegel (10/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Area-wide assessment of BF in Gardena (CA) Robert Hersh (10/02/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Cullman, Alabama building conversions Lenny Siegel (10/03/07)

[CPEO-BIF] PCS Nitrogen, Sarpy County, Nebraska Lenny Siegel (10/03/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Bethlehem (PA) cuts size of tax-break zone bobh (10/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Portland (OR) plans to redevelop 25 properties by Portland Harbor Superfund Site Robert Hersh (10/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Information Technology High School (Queens, NY) air Lenny Siegel (10/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Union Pacific in Colorado Lenny Siegel (10/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Lawrence (MA) 155 loft apartments destined for former mill site Hersh, Robert (10/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Dayton (OH) community center Lenny Siegel (10/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Lehigh Valley Industrial Park (PA) to "go green" Lenny Siegel (10/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hartford (CT) Potential deal for redevelopment of Roser Tannery Robert Hersh (10/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Florence (SC) Revolving loan funding used to clean recycling site bobh (10/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Leadville (CO) land use restrictions Lenny Siegel (10/10/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Call for papers: "EJ: Making it a Reality" Robert Hersh (10/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Detroit BRA plans to issues bonds for riverfront project bobh (10/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] CTS Asheville (NC) Lenny Siegel (10/12/07)

[CPEO-BIF] South Hill school, Ithaca, New York Lenny Siegel (10/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] [Fwd: Proposition 1C Brownfield Remediation Program] Lenny Siegel (10/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] The cost of public water, Harford County, Maryland Lenny Siegel (10/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New working paper from NEMW on energy benefits of brownfiields redevelopment Robert Hersh (10/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] California Vapor Intrusion Law Lenny Siegel (10/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Siegel Superfund Testimony Lenny Siegel (10/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Information Technology High School (NY) Lenny Siegel (10/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Subdivision residents on former BF seek damages against city bobh (10/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] (MI) Tax credits to help rehab 4 BF developments Robert Hersh (10/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Norco High (CA) - Wyle "not to blame" Lenny Siegel (10/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Massachusetts seeks to streamline permitting process at large BF sites Robert Hersh (10/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Starkville, Mississippi dry cleaner Lenny Siegel (10/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Institutional control failure in Asbury Park bobh (10/24/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Detroit --$10 Million BF tax credit to Marathon Petroleum bobh (10/25/07)

[CPEO-BIF] CONFERENCE --- Community Control and Benefits in Land Use Robert Hersh (10/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EJ Forum in Providence---Nov. 3rd Robert Hersh (10/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Swann Park, South Baltimore, Maryland Lenny Siegel (10/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York Brownfields Opportunity Areas Lenny Siegel (10/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Coca-Cola Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (10/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Tallevast, Florida relocation proposal Lenny Siegel (10/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Upcoming Event: For Immediate Release Juanita McConkey (10/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Green Buildings on Brownfields Lenny Siegel (10/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Wal-Mart, Johnson City, New York Lenny Siegel (10/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "Shovel-ready" sites in Northwest Indiana bobh (10/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Chemical Stabilization Procedures Successfully Recover Brownfield Sites bobh (10/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] CTS, Asheville, North Carolina Lenny Siegel (10/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Ford Plant, St. Paul, Minnesota Lenny Siegel (10/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Elmhurst (Queens, NY) school site Lenny Siegel (10/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] TV coverage on New York City toxic school sites Lenny Siegel (10/31/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Energizer, Bennington, Vermont Lenny Siegel (10/31/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Niagara Falls (NY) brownfields forum Lenny Siegel (10/31/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EDR survey of BF professionals Robert Hersh (11/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Middletown Regional Hospital, Ohio Lenny Siegel (11/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Ft. Edward (NY) property value suit Lenny Siegel (11/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Energizer, TCE, and property values, Bennington, Vermont Lenny Siegel (11/02/07)

[CPEO-BIF] HUD BEDI Application Extension Lenny Siegel (11/02/07)

[CPEO-BIF] LTV Steel site, Monaca, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (11/03/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Gorham Silver site, Providence, Rhode Island Lenny Siegel (11/04/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Wind farms on urban brownfields bobh (11/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Lackawanna (NY) Wind farmm on former brownfield site Robert Hersh (11/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] American Laundry Building, Norwood, Ohio Lenny Siegel (11/05/07)

[CPEO-BIF] (CT) $14 million bonding for brownfields Robert Hersh (11/06/07)

[CPEO-BIF] AVX and Horry Land Co., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Lenny Siegel (11/07/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Quincy (PA) housing development "sidelined" Lenny Siegel (11/09/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Republic Steel site, Buffalo, New York Lenny Siegel (11/11/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Concord Hotel and Resort , Thompson, New York Lenny Siegel (11/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Mott Haven campus, the Bronx, New York Lenny Siegel (11/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Sheraton Hotel, Gary, Indiana Lenny Siegel (11/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Cleanup planned for former resort hotel in Catskills (NY) bobh (11/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Ithaca (NY) school sampling Lenny Siegel (11/15/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Behr - Chrysler, Dayton, Ohio Lenny Siegel (11/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Northville (MI) hospital site Lenny Siegel (11/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Former slag site, Struthers, Ohio Lenny Siegel (11/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Environmental Justice '08 Conference - call for presentationsbif Lenny Siegel (11/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "End brownfields logjam" in New York Lenny Siegel (11/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] 8th St. Properties, Michigan City, Indiana Lenny Siegel (11/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] South Haven (MI) condos and TCE Lenny Siegel (11/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Leelanau (MI) courthouse Lenny Siegel (11/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] NewPorte Landing, La Porte, Indiana Lenny Siegel (11/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] River Raise battlefield park, Monroe, Michigan Lenny Siegel (11/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA's EJ Achievement Awards Lenny Siegel (11/23/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Wyoming (MI) -- Brownfield tax incentives targeted to contaminated farmland Robert Hersh (11/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Roanoke (VA) Fill from flood control project used at nearby brownfields Robert Hersh (11/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Buffalo (NY) After $3.4 million cleanup BF still goes begging Robert Hersh (11/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Asheville, NC TCE contamination Lenny Siegel (11/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Worcester (MA) Gateway Park wins Phoenix and EDA awards bobh (11/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Douglas (MI) project tabled Lenny Siegel (11/29/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Paterson, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (11/30/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Plant City, Florida Lenny Siegel (12/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Report on the Albany Vapor Intrusion Activists' Meeting Lenny Siegel (12/01/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Mattatuck Manufacturing, Waterbury, Connecticut Lenny Siegel (12/02/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Underground tanks near new Providence (RI) school? Lenny Siegel (12/03/07)

[CPEO-BIF] We're back! Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Lansing, Michigan Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Pointe Blue, Racine, Wisconsin Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] AVX Plume, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Community-Based Brownfields Workshop (APA & Bethel Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Cramer Hill, Camden, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Leelanau County, Michigan Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] New York's brownfields regulations Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] TCE in Queens (NY) Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] AVX (Myrtle Beach, SC) plume history Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Dearborn (MI) development Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] "Gold Coast," Lansing, Michigan Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Escanaba, Michigan projects Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Camden, New Jersey landfill Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Camden, New Jersey school site Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hamlet Avenue schools, Woonsocket, Rhode Island Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Owasco River sites, Auburn, New York Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Genesee River, Irondequoit, New York Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Clifton, New Jersey school site Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] South Hill, Ithaca, New York Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Immokalee affordable housing site, Collier County, Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Billings, Montana PCE plume Lenny Siegel (12/13/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Carlsbad, New Mexico water park Lenny Siegel (12/14/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Vapor intrusion "crucial test" for New York DEC Lenny Siegel (12/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Allendale Elementary School, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Lenny Siegel (12/16/07)

[CPEO-BIF] One Day Northeast Brownfields Development Forum - February 12, 2008 - Philadelphia, PA Lenny Siegel (12/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Lighthouse Pointe, Irondequoit, New York Lenny Siegel (12/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Traverse City, Michigan Lenny Siegel (12/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Frank Foundry, Muncie, Indiana Lenny Siegel (12/17/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Historic waterfront, Portland, Maine Lenny Siegel (12/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] EPA CARE Grants 2008 Lenny Siegel (12/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Michigan's process Lenny Siegel (12/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Antioch Mall, Kansas City, Missouri Lenny Siegel (12/18/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Former General Dynamics site, Woodbridge, New Jersey Lenny Siegel (12/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Abandoned Mine Land grants Lenny Siegel (12/19/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Asbestos removal test in Ft. Worth (TX) Lenny Siegel (12/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] April 4 workshop - Brownfields and Communty Development Corporations Lenny Siegel (12/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] School siting legislation Lenny Siegel (12/20/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Niagara Falls (NY) ethanol plant Lenny Siegel (12/22/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Norwich, New York vapor intrusion Lenny Siegel (12/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Illiana Trucks Parts site, Terre Haute, Indiana Lenny Siegel (12/26/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hauppauge, New York toxic plume Lenny Siegel (12/27/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Toledo, Ohio riverfront park Lenny Siegel (12/28/07)

[CPEO-BIF] Hercules site, Burlington, Pennsylvania Lenny Siegel (12/28/07)

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