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The follow definitions are used in the description of the cleanup technologies

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off-gasVapors that are emitted from extraction and treatment systems. These vapors can either be discharged directly to the atmosphere or captured or destroyed.
operation and maintenance (O&M)O&M activities are conducted to maintain the effectiveness of the remedy. They include operational procedures and routine maintenance.
organic chemical or compoundA substance produced by animals or plants that contains mainly carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
oxygenateTo treat, combine, or infuse with oxygen. Oxygenates are added to fuel to enhance combustion.
ozoneA form of oxygen (03) found naturally which provides a protective layer shielding the earth from ultraviolet radiation. Ozone is also produced as a byproduct of combustion and is a major component of smog. Ozone is also used as an oxidizing agent in some treatment technologies.

Note: A majority of the terms and definitions are based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Brownfields Innovative Technology Glossary . Some definitions have been modified/enhanced to support the Tech Tree text.

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