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The follow definitions are used in the description of the cleanup technologies

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fault (geology)A surface or rock fracture along which there has been displacement of rock bodies.
filtrationA process that removes matter from water, solids or gases by passing the it through a porous medium, such as sand or a manufactured filter.
flocculationFlocculation refers to coalescence or coming together of small particles.
fluorescenceEmission of electromagnetic radiation, esp. of visible light, resulting from the absorption of incident radiation and persisting only as long as the stimulating radiation is continued.
furanAny of a family of compounds known chemically as furans. They are chemicals formed during combustion. They are extremely toxic.

Note: A majority of the terms and definitions are based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Brownfields Innovative Technology Glossary . Some definitions have been modified/enhanced to support the Tech Tree text.

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