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The follow definitions are used in the description of the cleanup technologies

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decomposeTo separate into component parts or cause to decay.
dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) One of a group of organic substances that are relatively insoluble in water and more dense than water. DNAPLs tend to sink vertically through sand and gravel aquifers to the underlying layer.
depleted uraniumAfter uranium ore is processed to remove most of the fissile isotope (235U), the residual material is referred to as depleted uranium. It is primarily used for purposes requiring high-density material, and is used in weapons fabrication.
desiccatedTo dry up thoroughly.
desorptionThe act of removing an absorbed or adsorbed substance.
diffusionThe process where molecules in liquid or gas move under the influence of kinetic energy along the direction of their concentration gradient. Diffusion is a special case of dispersion.
dioxinsAny of a family of compounds known chemically as dibenzo-p-dioxins. They are chemicals formed during combustion. They are extremely toxic.
dispersionMechanical mixing of a dissolved chemical as it flows through a solution. Dispersion causes chemicals to spread away from the straight-line pathway into a wider path. Temperature, pressure, and chemical forces in the aquifer drive the process. Diffusion is a special case of dispersion.
disposalThe final placement of toxic or other wastes. Disposal may be accomplished through the use of approved secure landfills, surface impoundment, land farming, deep well injection, ocean dumping.
DOEThe Department of Energy.

Note: A majority of the terms and definitions are based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Brownfields Innovative Technology Glossary . Some definitions have been modified/enhanced to support the Tech Tree text.

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