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Thank you for visiting the Technology Tree Web Site. In order that the Center for Public Environmental Oversight may provide more useful and effective informational projects of this nature in the future we would appreciate it if you could please take a few minutes to evaluate this web site. The development of the Tech Tree will be dependent on the availability of resources. If you have any ideas for developing the Tech Tree further, please let us know. Thank you again.

Also, if you have ANY questions pertaining to the technologies, we will try our best to answer them for you. Here are some questions to think about.

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  • Usefulness of information
  • User-Friendliness of the web site
  • Comments about particular cleanup technologies
  • What additional information would you like to include?
  • What other features would you like CPEO to provide?
  • How has this web site benefitted you?
  • Are there other technologies you would like to see listed?

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