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Response to Center for Public Environmental Oversight (CPEO) Comments (regarding University Terrace), California Department of Toxic Substances Control, March 18, 2016, 1.6 MB PDF

Thomas E. Hatton & Daniel J. Nuzzetti, The Effects of Weather-Induced Variables on Large Building Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems, Paper #49 Presented at the Vapor Intrusion, Remediation, and Site Closure Conference, September 10-11, 2014, Cherry Hill, NJ, 792 KB PDF

O’Brien & Gere, Ventilation System Operation & Maintenance 2013 Heating Season, IBM, February 2014, 2 MB PDF

Communities’ Comment Letter on U.S. EPA’s Draft Groundwater Remedy Completion Strategy December 20, 2013 51 KB PDF

Cover Letter for U.S. EPA’s Draft Groundwater Remedy Completion Strategy October 29, 2013 332 KB PDF

U.S. EPA’s Draft Groundwater Remedy Completion Strategy October 29, 2013 772 KB PDF

Communities Letter on EPA’s Vapor Intrusion Guidance July 26, 2012

O’Brien & Gere, Operation and Maintenance Work Plan of Structure Ventilation Systems, IBM, June 2012, 876 KB PDF

Defense Environmental Management Programs Fiscal Year 2013 President’s Budget Request March 29, 2012 1.3 MB PDF

ATC Associates, Revised Annual Site Management Report, Mott Haven Campus-X790, New York City Department of Education, September 30, 2011, 3.3 MB PDF

Citizens’ Letter Urging that U.S. EPA Finalize its Trichloroethylene (TCE) Toxicological Review September 26, 2011 104 KB PDF

U.S. EPA Letter Recognizing CPEO’s Lenny Siegel as Recipient of the 2011 Citizen Excellence in Community Involvement Award July 18, 2011 96 KB PDF

Department of Defense Comments on Potential Addition of Vapor Intrusion Component to the Hazard Ranking System April 7, 2011 356 KB PDF

Policy for Refocusing Air Force Environmental Restoration Program Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Foce (Installations, Environment, and Logistics), February 24, 2011 132 KB PDF

Comments on July 2009 Proposed Plan for the Vapor Intrusion Pathway and August 20, 2009 Updates, MEW Superfund Study Area City of Mountain View, November 7, 2009 984 KB PDF

Interim Recommended Trichloroethylene (TCE) Toxicity Values to Assess Human Health Risk and Recommendations for the Vapor Intrusion Pathway Analysis U.S. EPA, January 15, 2009 7MB PDF

Shaw Environmental, Former Metro-North Property (Mott Haven) Final Site Management Plan, New York City School Construction Authority, November 2008, Part 1, 8.4MB PDF

The East Baltimore Revitalization Story: A Resident’s View Rosa Hart Burenstine, July 2007 1.4 MB PDF

Governor Spitzer’s proposed amendments to the New York Brownfields Law (June 5, 2007) (2.6 MB/23 pages scanned PDF)

Impressions from CABERNET (Kris Wernstedt, May, 2007)

view it.

Report on Spring Valley Diseases (Northwest Current, DC, November 10, 2004) (3.1M PDF)  Map (3.6 M PDF)

Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Unexploded Ordnance (PDF) (Jan 2004)

HQDA Perchlorate Guidance (PDF) (July 2003)

DoD's Perchlorate Use Survey (5.6 MB PDF) (June 2003)

Low-Level Perchlorate Analysis in Groundwater by Improved IC & LC/MS/MS (4 MB Powerpoint presentation) (June 2003)

Camp Pendleton map (downloads as a jpg) (May 2003)

League of Conservation Letter (May 2003)

MOU on LTS at Federal Facilities between the Environmental Council of the States and DoD, DOI, DOE & EPA (May 2003)

Wolfowitz Memo - Military Exemptions to be Invoked (Mar 2003)

EPA RRPI Response (Mar 2003)

Readiness and Range Preservation Initiative (Mar 2003)

Letter to the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee (May 2002)

Group Letter to the House (April 2002)

Final legislative language submitted by DoD on Encroachment (April 2002)

Official DoD Sectional Analysis of the Language (April 2002)

DoD Talking Points on the Readiness and Range Preservation Initiative (April 2002)

ASTSWMO letter (April 2002)

Letter from Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar to Chairman Joel Heffley (April 2002)

Explosive remnants of war - report summary (March 2002) Available from Landmine Action

Now Available: Air Force Policy and Guidance On Remedy Selection Documentation in Records of Decision (January 2002)

Cleanup Actions at FUDS (Downloads in MS Word)

Another Victim of Urban Sprawl: Military Training (October 2000) Ray Clark

Monitored Natural Attenuation: Is it Appropriate. When and Where? (August 1998) Peter Strauss

Natural Attenuation of Organic Compounds (August 1998) Peter Strauss

Recommendations For Responsive Brownfields Revitalization (October 1999)

Download the Department of Defense letter to Assistant Administrator Marriane Horinko ("October 12, 2001"). The PDF file is 45 KB. Also download the embedded DoD comments on the Draft Final EPA FUDS Policy (July 13, 2001) DRAFT. The Acrobat PDF file is 14 pages or 51.2 KB.

Download the Dept. of Defense UXO Report to Congress ("March" 2001). The MS Word file is 1.09 MB or 20 pages. Download the four transmittal letters to each of the Senate and House Committee Chairmen. The Acrobat PDF file is 73.6kb.

Download DOD-EPA Interim UXO Management Principles.pdf (March 7, 2000) Department of Defense and Environmental Protection Agency *The electronic version is available here for download. The file is 400 KB and 12 pages. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. 

Principles of Environmental Justice (Adopted: October 27, 1991)
The First People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit

Lead-Based Paint Hazards TSCA 403 Rulemaking Fact Sheet (October 1998) ARC Ecology



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