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From: Ihray@aol.com
Date: 5 Dec 2002 03:37:38 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] What's RIGHT with the way RABs are set up?
_From last week's question, "What's wrong . . .,"  and lists of
elements, the natural corollary might be "What's right?"

DoD Public Participation Guidance instructs all RAB members, "RAB
will: Document decisions at meetings and make the information available
the general public."  The instruction does not single out the community
members, rather "DoD, EPA, state Ecology (typical), state, local and
governments, and the affected community."

The military, regulators, and governments meet the instruction easily
huge resources to maintain web sites, information services, and
provide newspaper articles.  The local community typically doesn't poke 
around government web sites or information services unless a compelling 
reason becomes known.  So information for the "affected community" has
to be 
directed to the places where the community will see it in their normal

Community RAB members and other local people can meet the instruction
and job 
description with fewer resources but great influence on the conduct of
cleanup project.  The idea is - when it's in view, it should work
Individual members can write letters and articles to newspapers
outlining the 
project status, interests to the community, their concerns, questions,
advice.  Typical concerns that "an individual can't speak for the RAB"
easily overcome by simply speaking for one's self.  Ad hoc non-RAB
groups are 
a boon.

A volunteer supported web site (no government money) is well within the 
resources of a few people - and once the site becomes known, "pages 
downloaded" register in the hundreds and thousands.  A place for viewer
ction stimulates community participation.

Local neighborhood and homeowner's associations, service clubs,
groups, are natural places to post and receive information.  They
have newsletters.

All in the intent and spirit of open discourse.

Ian Ray, member Camp Bonneville, Washington RAB

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