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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Sand, designed for beaches, would have to be screened
Sand, designed for beaches, would have to be screened
By Terry Rodgers
December 5, 2002

Plans to dredge San Diego harbor could be delayed or undermined unless officials find a way to deal with contamination of the bay bottom by discarded military munitions.

Although the Navy has known about the problem since 1997, it has no plans for a cleanup and considers the contamination a low priority.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which has agreed to oversee and finance a $3.6 million dredging project on behalf of the San Diego Unified Port District to accommodate cargo shipping traffic, has decided that recycling the sand by placing it on local beaches would put beachgoers at risk.

As a result, the Army Corps has decided it must dump at sea thousands of tons of sand from the harbor.

But the state Coastal Commission may not allow that. In the past, the commission has gone to court to uphold its policy requiring money or other forms of compensation to offset the loss of beach sand.

The harbor dredging project, which is scheduled to begin next December, is needed to increase the efficiency of cargo shipping operations overseen by the San Diego Port District.

A study commissioned by the Navy confirmed that as many as 30 sites within the bay may contain a smattering of unexploded military munitions, ranging in size from machine-gun ammunition to mortar shells.

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