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Subject: RE: [CPEO-MEF] Unexploded Arms Require Big Cleanup At 16,000 U.S. Sites
The following was posted as a response to Mr. Vernon Brechin's posting of 12-03-02 from someone within the DOE Office of Long-Term Stewardship.

The June 2002 Draft of the Department of Energy Long-term Stewardship Strategic Plan included a discussion of the number of potential brownfield sites to place the DOE cleanup and long-term stewardship efforts within the broader context of the national approach(es) to managing institutional controls, and the re-use of property. Our research provided a wide variety of estimates regarding the number of "brownfields" sites across the nation, from 130,000 at the Envirotools website to "as many as 650,000 sites" in a report sponsored by the US EPA. The use of the phrase "over 400,000 sites" may be modified in the next draft to fully represent the range of estimated sites and we will include a reference in the next draft of the Long-term Stewardship Strategy. I have attached some of the references used for the Draft. I hope this clarifies.

"... there are estimated to be more than 450,000 brownfields sites nationwide." S. Rep. No. 107-2, 107th Cong., 1st Sess. 3 (2001),
Brownfields  Revitalization and Environmental Restoration Act of 2001.

"The GAO estimates there are approximately 400,000 to 600,000 brownfields properties in the US" Clean Air and Brownfields Report, The US
Conference of Mayors (December 2001) at pg. 11.

"It has been estimated that as many as 650,000 brownfield sites exist in the United States and that the total cost of restoring these sites to productive use may be in excess of $650 billion." Public Policies and Private Decisions Affecting the Redevelopment of Brownfields: An Analysis of Critical Factors, Relative Weights and Areal Differentials, US EPA (September 2001).

"Estimates suggest that there are over 430,000 brownfields nationwide." Simons, R. 1998. Turning Brownfields into Greenbacks. Urban
Land Institute, Washington, DC.

"Around 130,000-450,000 contaminated commercial and industrial sites blight the United States," website,

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