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Date: 3 May 2002 22:41:07 -0000
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Subject: RE: [CPEO-MEF] sprawl
[POSTED BY Wayne Crist (WCRIST@kennesaw.Lawco.com)]

Steve makes some good very general ideas, but let me ask you some
questions that need to address before the military could act on these.
Remember general ideas are a good starting point but it is specifics
that generally provide the rub.
"a.. Don't site facilities and ranges above sole source aquifers."
What would be your suggestion about current locations that were in
operation before environmental issues were raised?  Ranges and
facilities are not moved quickly and training and operations must
continue.  There haven't been many new ranges or sites that haven't
under gone extensive investigation. Because of the investigations new
ranges are a rarity.  Would this requirement be including developers.
"b.. Create significant buffer zones around ranges."
What would be a significant buffer and to piggyback on Larry's comment
how would the price be determined to purchase the buffer.
"c.. Institute comprehensive on-site and off-site monitoring to quickly  
detect contamination and pollution and immediately share all results  
with surrounding communities."
Who determines what would be comprehensive monitoring and how will it
be paid for.  And are the current rules for reporting contamination and 
pollution insufficient?  What results are shared raw invalidated data. 
What is an acceptable time lag for data collection and providing it.
"d.. Respond quickly and completely to environmental problems."
Define quickly and completely. And who is the final say that it was
done and if they say it has been accomplished will you accept it?
"e.. Perform serious and complete clearance of UXO before they
release hazardous substances into the environment."
This is a tough one.  To my knowledge there are no effective clean
environmental weapons.  the simplest bullet is a contaminant, but I'm
not a munitions expert.  I guess I would have to admit my first concern 
in weapons is not the environment, but whether it did the job that was 
These did not come off the top of my head - well "e." did.  These are
the question that make these simple suggestion difficult.  Put yourself 
in the military official's shoes.  Ask them what are real obstacles to 
come an understanding on these suggestion.  Ask them how they could 
overcome.  Help them solve their problems and yours will be part of the 
I just saw an email asking people to contact their Congressional
representative for support for funds.  That is being part of the
Part of the system requires the people performing the cleanup to ask
for the public ideas, concerns, preferences, etc., but it doesn't
require us to ask what we can do to help resolve problems they face.  

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