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Steve brought up the 'sole source aquifer' issues which many sites today 
are dealing with, the contamination of them due to military training.  
In light of the Dept. of Defense's request that it be exempted from 
certain environmental laws. Congress should ask (and EPA ought to know) 
where sole source aquifers that supply our drinking water are affected 
by federal facilities.  While EPA is at it, it might as well look at 
private facilities too.  Congressional pressure in the form of a 
question or two needs to be brought on EPA to commit funds to build a 
list of facilities, both public and 
private sector, that affect sole source aquifers.  I could go on but
Congress folk should urge EPA to spend funds on the effort this fiscal 
year.  To get that to happen, people need to have their 
congressmen/women and senators write to Whitman to make it happen.

Since DoD cites MMR and Cape Cod so much as presenting problems for DoD, 
why not ask congress and others to ask Whitman and EPA to look at what 
problems DoD is making for our drinking water BEFORE we let them off the 


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