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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] North Carolina's OLF and the battler over Super Hornets
OLF caught in one-two punch

Washington Daily News (NC)
October 8, 2005

Florida won round one, Virginia, round two, and eastern North Carolinians hold ringside seats.

Round two of the Base Realignment and Closure battle apparently has gone to Virginia, in a heavyweight bout pitting Florida and Gov. Jeb Bush against Virginia and two Warners, governor and senator.

Florida’s first-round victory saw a BRAC Commission decision place seemingly impossible mandates on Virginia, mandates that must be met by March to avoid a wholesale dispatching of Naval Air Station Oceana’s Super Hornet inventory to the former NAS Cecil Field near Jacksonville.

Following such a move, the controversial outlying landing field the Navy has proposed for Washington and Beaufort counties would likely follow the money to Florida as well. Cecil Field has its own OLF.

Florida’s BRAC pitch had painted a picture of Cecil Field, a former Navy jet base, as unencumbered by the dense development that now crowds Oceana. Florida indicated to the BRAC board the field is just waiting to re-emerge as a virtually ideal Navy training facility.

But there’s a fly in the ointment, reported The Florida Times-Union Tuesday: Many of the pine forests reported to lie beneath flight paths departing the former Cecil Field have houses under them — about 900 by the paper’s account — houses that could put fighter pilots in the same straits they now must navigate in Virginia. Flight patterns around Oceana have been modified to reduce neighborhood noise and minimize risks to residents living in crash zones.

Eastern North Carolina opponents of proposed Washington-Beaufort OLF had counted on a BRAC decision leading to Oceana’s realignment as a solution to the lingering, noisome OLF issue. The vote to relocate Super Hornet squadrons to a near-perfect facility on the East Coast just down the road from Virginia held promise, particularly in light of Virginia U.S. Sen. John Warner’s calls for a fast track on the eastern North Carolina OLF. That call has local residents bristling.


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