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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Army: No chemical hazard at McClellan
[POSTED BY Kent Slowinski (wksla@aol.com)]

Regarding Fort McClellan, did they find the 350 feet of missing 
historical files pertaining to American University Experimental Station 
(Spring Valley, Washington, DC) that may have been at Fort McClellan?  
The Spring Valley RAB has been told the files may have been at Fort 
Leonard Wood, National Archives Atlanta or National Archives College 
Park.  USACE has been unable to locate them.  Does anyone have 
suggestions for locating missing files approximately 
the length of a football field?  

Soil sampling concerns is on the agenda for the April Spring Valley RAB. 
 There is evidence that approximately 75% of the core borings and 75% of 
the resident exposure zone has not been tested.  Contractors only tested 
2-3 inches of each foot of the core boring samples, and only tested the 
top 6 inches of the 2 foot resident exposure zone.  Does anyone have 
suggestions on convincing USACE to do additional testing?

Kent Slowinski
Spring Valley RAB

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