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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Army: No chemical hazard at McClellan
Army: No chemical hazard at McClellan

By Nathan Solheim
Star Staff Writer 

The Army has found no chemical agent at 33 sites throughout Fort 
McClellan once used as chemical training sites, an internal 
investigation has concluded. 

Based on the findings, the Army is recommending no further action at 
McClellan with regard to chemical warfare materials, or chemical agents.

Results of the investigation were presented to the public at a meeting 
Tuesday night at the Anniston City Meeting Center. Officials from the 
Army's transition force, the Base Re-Alignment and Closure Commission 
and the Army Corps of Engineers participated in the meeting. 

"Based on looking at the places that were most likely to have (chemical 
agents), I would say with a high level of confidence that there are not 
chemical agents on the post," said Ronald Levy, environmental 
coordinator for the Base Re-Alignment and Closure Commission.

The complete article can be viewed at:

                  Army contractors chose the sites based on historical 
records from the
                  installation and interviews with military personnel 
who served there.

                  They eliminated some sites based on their review of 
installation records, but
                  tested 19 sites around the former fort for chemical 
agents including mustard
                  gas, Sarin gas, nerve agent, blister agent and 
psychoactive compound. 

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