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From: jdknipp@earthlink.net
Date: 28 Jan 2002 14:32:42 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] DU

You asked "has any stakeholder or RAB member encountered DU UXO on their sites?" Although not as UXO, the Milan Army Ammunition Plant has had at least one serious DU exposure.

A few years ago a woman phoned me about the health of her brother. She said he worked at the ammo plant and was seriously ill; his symptoms were depression, weakness, and apparent malfunctioning of internal organs. She asked if I thought this could be attributed to exposure from RDX, a known threat at that plant. I said I didn't think so.

A few months later CPEO had a meeting of Southeast ammo plant people nearby (RAB and government). During a plant tour that included a plant tour of the ammo historically loaded there, I asked the Environmental Coordinator if the APDS (Armor-Piercing Discarding Sabot) round (loaded with a Tungston Carbide penetrator) while I was commander there had subsequently loaded with a DU penetrator; he said yes.

I then called the man in ill health and he said that was what he did; they loaded penetrators from boxes labelled "Uranium". At the start-up of the project they didn't have the right respirators available, but received them later on. He stated that the loading process had subsequently been discontinued there and was now being done overseas.

That's all the information I have; I've since left Tennessee, but still keep in touch with their "cleanup" efforts. If I hear more I'll let you know.


Jim and Lynne Knipp

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