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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] The West Vieques Transfer: Do It Right
[This was posted by vozvieq Manuel Otero, <vozvieq@coqui.net>]

Lenny, from the viewpoint of the struggling Vieques native population, 
you are absolutely right. The "West Vieques Transfer" is one item in a 
foul "solution" to the Vieques problem concocted out of expedient 
political wheeling and dealing, and not out of sound policies concerning 
the health of citizens and environmental justice.

What, then, can be salvaged, if anything? The land transfer would be a 
good place to start. (We will address the military, undemocratic 
referendum somewhere else.) Viequeans who look forward to a 
contamination-free homeland are in agreement with your statement that 
"The transfer of the Naval Ammunition Depot on the western portion of 
the island should be done RIGHT rather than SOON."

We do not trust the motives of the White House, or the Commonwealth
government, or Congress, and even less of the US Navy, in this issue.
Knowing their past history, there's no guarantee the legislation that 
will finally be enacted, or its implementation, will not be a showcase 
of horrors. What rights do Vieques citizens have, by law, to go beyond 
the political process, perhaps into the judicial sphere, and demand that 
things be done right, that the US Navy assumes its responsibilities and 
cleans up their mess in the west? (The eastern lands issues will be 
confronted in another battle, another day.) Please excuse my, as Scott 
would say, "more passionate" approach to these issues, and my direct 
approach for help, but we have many and very powerful enemies, and very 
few friends.


Manuel Otero
"La Voz de Vieques"

PS: You can take this as a private, or a public, address, whatever you 
may judge more productive.
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