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From: strohman@email.msn.com
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 12:08:55 -0700 (PDT)
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Thanks for All the Replies
To the group:

    It has been an interesting day and I have really enjoyed the opportunity
to read all the responses that were provided based on my initial posting last
night.  I've had the opportunity to communicate with Lenny offline and I have
a better understanding of the CPEO site.  First, let me say that my letter
was meant for the site administrators and not world wide distribution.  Lenny
indicated that even though it was written to him, the fact that I had
addressed it to the site meant it was clear for publication.  No harm,
No Foul!!!  I think the fact that you all read it and responded as you did
indicates the level of passion located on this site.
    At no time did I want to stop or reduce the level of input from the
expertise out in this community.  My interest was in possibly reformatting
the CPEO site into forums where specific topics could be engaged in
discussion.  The "flamers", who I will now call the "more passionate" members
of the group could post to their hearts content and others could focus on
specific areas of interest or concern.  There could also be a "News" section
where articles could be posted or hyper-linked.  Many other topics could be
established as threads or areas.  To offer more than just a basic suggestion,
I had gathered survey results from my observations and provided them.
    The only issue that I would raise is the issue that I "just don't get
it", or I'm out of the ballpark for making recommendations.  The fact that I
communicate and offer my opinions on this site should indicate the concern
and respect that I have for most of your opinions, both favorable or not. 
There are many sites on the Web dealing with this issue and UXO in general
that I would not post to because they are "only" used as places to bitch or
bad-mouth the "other guy."
    Lastly, and I'm sure you were waiting to here that Lenny doesn't agree
with me on how the site should be set up.  Again, No Harm, No Foul!!!  I just

wouldn't want to be the one with a potential solution and have someone years
from now say that we should have done it this way, but nobody suggested it. 
Thanks to all, and be safe!!!


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