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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Column supporting California lead ammo ban
Ban lead ammo, Gov. Brown: It's good for all California

By Carla Hall
Los Angeles Times
September 23, 2013

A bill that would ban the use of lead ammunition by all hunters throughout California awaits Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature. There's no question that he should sign AB 711 into law. It’s smart, it's measured and it protects animals and people from potential lead poisoning from animal meat.

Let’s start with the most compelling reason to do this: Lead is toxic to every living thing -- humans, other mammals, birds.

A consensus statement signed by 30 leading researchers and published in the journal Environmental Health and Perspectives says "lead-based ammunition is likely the greatest largely unregulated source of lead that is knowingly discharged into the environment in the United States."

There is already a federal ban on the use of lead ammunition for hunting waterfowl. And since 2008, the use of lead ammunition has been banned in the range of the California condor. Of course, no one is allowed to hunt condors. But condors scavenge the carcasses of dead animals, including those that have been hunted. If those animals were shot with lead ammunition, then the condors end up ingesting lead-tainted flesh.


For the entire column, see
http://www.latimes.com/opinion/opinion-la/la-lead-out-hunting-ammo- bill20130920,0,4724459.story


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