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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] "Nearly all off-site RDX contamination gone" from Cornhusker Ammo Plant (NE)
Nearly all off-site RDX contamination gone

By Tracy Overstreet

Grand Island Independent
September 21, 2013

Only one small area of RDX contamination remains in Grand Island off the former Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant site - and it registers just barely above the safe drinking water standard.

The safe drinking water standard is 2 parts per billion of RDX, an explosives residue. The single contaminated well has a reading of 2.1 parts per billion, said Corey Anderson of URS, an Omaha firm contracted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete the environmental cleanup of the former ammunition production plant.

The Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant measured 20 square miles during its heyday of bomb production during World War II. It was reactivated during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The plant land, bordered by Capital Avenue and Husker Highway on the north and south, 60th Road on the east and Schauppsville Road on the west, was declared surplus and began to be sold off on public auction in the 1990s.

But before land can be sold, it must be environmentally cleaned. Most of the land needed little to no remediation. However, land around two of the plantâs five load lines has needed more work, as has groundwater that became contaminated under the plant and then migrated northeast into Grand Island city limits.


For the entire article, see
http://www.theindependent.com/news/local/nearly-all-off-site-rdx- contamination-gone/article_6df96204-2320-11e3-84d5-001a4bcf887a.html

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