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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Fwd: REUSE: Will Moffett Field (CA) be sold?

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I would think that most any "city" or community, would in the future find it self in need of an airport (unless they can absolutely determine they they will never need one) for their transportation needs. This would be their golden opportunity to claim one for the future. So many decisions are made without the far future considered, and regretted later for not being inclusive enough on things that they may need or like to have later on.  Even Big Bear & Jacumba CA have airfields, San Diego's (Lindberg Field needs to expand, but alas they can't find a suitable area, even though we have at least 8 major military/civilian airfields. (Lindbergh, North Island, Miramar, Brown Field, Ream Field, Gillespie Field, Palomar and Montgomery)
 Well, aircraft maintenance/repair, fueling, waste disposals etc. have for too long and at too many facilities been done wrong and incorrectly.  If proper procedures and best practices are followed, fueling and "fuel cleanup", and other aircraft and vehicle operations should not create "problems". Things just need to be done correctly, which should be a condition for government (especially government) and private business operations, anywhere & everywhere.  Yes, and they need to "clean up" their act, no pun intended.  For too many years people have been doing things that are harmful to the environment, and that it has to change. My point here is to give something valuable to the community, especially if it's needed in the future, and not give it to a developer who will build houses and malls on it, and then sometime later wish they had and functional "airport", instead of "over development"  Just some thoughts on this.  ~Cfw~~     
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Why does Mountain View need an airport?  The cause of much of the Navy's environmental problem for cleanup is the result of aircraft maintenance.  This same problem plagues many airports around the country.

Peter Strauss
On Nov 19, 2010, at 6:07 PM, Cfwoemp@aol.com wrote:

I think this is another of those "developer opportunities" that will ultimately brood bad for citizens and people of the area.  I believe what should happen is that the Military (Government) retain ownership, at least until the cleanup is completed, and then give (sell for a dollar) to the City or community of Mountain View for their main municipal airport for their future use. Do not sell out to the developers, they will exploit it, make area citizens responsible for "clean-up", and then develop it and make lots of money on it, as they will expect to get it for next to nothing.  Also, it makes be hard in the future for the City to buy land and develop an airport when they need one.  ~Cfw~~
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[I find this story confusing because it blends the various sections of
the former Moffett Naval Air Station, but it seems to be based upon
information from someone in Washington wanting the federal government to
sell the runways and perhaps more. - LS]

Should Government Airport Used by Google Founders be Closed?

By Jane Wells
November 19, 2010

It costs $6.7 million a year to operate.

It's a convenient parking lot for the private jets of two of the world's
richest men.

And it's sitting on a prime piece of real estate - the heart of the
Silicon Valley - which has some murmuring it should just be sold.

But, its greatest treasure is a towering toxic nightmare that may cost
as much as $50 million to repair and restore.

Moffett Field is a legendary Naval Air Station in Mountain View, Calif.
best known for the massive hangars which famously accommodated wartime
military blimps. The base was closed in 1994 and taken over by NASA Ames
Research Center. Spread over 1,800 acres, the airfield houses important
wind tunnels for testing and an Air National Guard wing.


For the entire story, see


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