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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] VOCs, CONTRACTORS: Northrop-Grumman plume, Bethpage, NY
Contamination Fears at Local Water District
Federal Intervention Is Required, Massapequa Officials Claim

by Joe Scotchie
Massapequan Observer (NY)
September 3, 2010

You may wonder why the Massapequa Water District is upset over a site in Bethpage. The answer, according to water district officials, is that "massive highly contaminated plume" might enter the water district supply wells.

The site is located at the Northrop-Grumman facility in Bethpage. The contamination that water district officials allude to is more commonly known as Perchloroethylene (PCE), a cleaning fluid deficiency. Water district officials contend that "massive amounts" of such PCE exist and are headed to the Massapequa's from the Northrop-Grumman plume. They claim that the same problem has already affected the South Farmingdale water district, which also serves customers in the Massapequa area. The Massapequa Water District has up to 45,000 customers.

For health reasons, water district officials don't want plume drinking water to infiltrate the Massapequa supply. In addition, such an infiltration is costly. If it occurs, then the water district will have to treat and clean up its own water supply.


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