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From: Lenny Siegel <lsiegel@cpeo.org>
Date: 28 Apr 2005 15:10:13 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] LOADS destroys ordnance at Ft. A.P. Hill (VA)
Yesterday I posted the Army News Service story on LOADS because I
believe it's important to highlight and promote the development and use
of new technologies in environmental cleanup. But that story contained
another important kernel of information: The traditional method was
"bury or burn."

As far as I can tell, within the boundaries of most military munitions
ranges - operational or former - are disposal sites. Based upon
investigations at former ranges, it's likely that a significant fraction
of such areas on operational ranges serve as sources of toxic releases
into the environment. However, despite the military's movement away from
burial and even open burning/open detonation, little has been done to
identify these sites on operational ranges.

I see the perpetuation of this inaction as perhaps the greatest
consequence of the Defense Department's proposed language on Range
Management - Section 314 in the Fiscal Year 2006 Defense Authorization Bill.


Lenny Siegel wrote:
> New technology helps clear away unexploded ordnance
> By Mary Bodine
> Army News Service
> April 26, 2005

> Traditional methods of UXO removal were burying or burning munitions on
> the range, Stine said.
> "We knew there had to be a better way of removing UXOs from training
> areas," he added.

> The LOADS system has revolutionized UXO clearance and eventually will
> replace the "bury or burn" method altogether, Stine said.


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