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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Point Molate's charms flaunted for developers
Point Molate's charms flaunted for developers
By Rebecca Rosen Lum
Jun. 07, 2003

RICHMOND - City officials, preparing to take over Point Molate from the
U.S. Navy, are seeking bids by developers.

One of Richmond's waterfront gems, Point Molate is inarguably
spectacular. It also bears significant contamination from years as a
U.S. Navy fuel depot.

"The idea is to add to the economic vitality of Richmond," said
Redevelopment Agency project manager Rod Satre. "The worst-case scenario
would be where a developer would look to us to fund a project. The best
case is where a developer comes forward with significant funds and a
good idea for reuse that would fall within accepted or future uses."

The City Council's reuse committee wants a mixed-use village centered
around Winehaven and winery buildings, including a retreat center and
some light industrial uses.

Whether the 190-acre spread remains in the hands of the Navy or the city
takes it over, it appears destined for development. For eight years,
city officials have balked at taking ownership -- security and
maintenance costs have run $1 million a year -- and if they pass on it
once again, the Navy will let the General Services Administration
auction it to the highest bidder.

The Navy has given the city a June 30 deadline to make its decision.
However, the city has given developers until July 9 to send their bids.
On Wednesday, the city will host an informational meeting and a tour for
candidates is planned for Friday.

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