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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] County is key to resolving VX debate
County is key to resolving VX debate
June 6, 2003

Not all environmental answers come from experts paid to explain science
or argue about risks. Nor do the environmental questions end once the
"paperwork" required by law appears to be in order.

Some environmental protection issues  the ones that purposefully, or by
default, define a community's philosophy  can't be delegated to
scientists and bureaucrats. They must be publicly resolved by elected
officials, who are accountable to the community.

The officials must listen, master the facts, set priorities and then
push an agenda that promotes the public interest. In other words, they
must lead.

And sustained leadership is what's needed now in response to the U.S.
Army's proposal to truck neutralized VX nerve agent from Indiana to a
private facility in Jefferson Twp. for treatment and disposal.

This week brought news of confusion, if not buck-passing, between the
Army and the Ohio EPA on the proposal. Military officials said public
acceptance of the plan should be determined by the state agency. The EPA
begged off, protesting that it's not in the business of measuring
community sentiment.

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