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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Bill Aims to Find Perchlorate Sources
Bill Aims to Find Perchlorate Sources
By Miguel Bustillo
Times Staff Writer
May 8, 2003
If the proposal becomes law, firms would be required to report having
stored 500 pounds or more of the toxic substance.

Concerned about the prevalence of perchlorate in California's water
supplies, two state lawmakers are sponsoring legislation that would
require companies to reveal whether they have possessed large quantities
of the toxic rocket fuel ingredient at any time over the past

Defense contractors are already lining up in opposition, arguing that
such a regulatory standard would be impossible for them to meet.

The legislation by state Sens. Nell Soto (D-Pomona) and Gloria Romero
(D-Los Angeles) comes as California officials increasingly discover
perchlorate contamination throughout the state. Eighty-one water systems
have already been found to be tainted in 10 counties, including Los
Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino.

"I have the most contaminated district in the state, probably in the
country, and we are losing more water wells left and right," Soto said
in an interview. "We have to do something, and we can't wait any longer.
We keep finding out about this from everyone other than the people who
contaminated the water."

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