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From: uxogypfy@bellsouth.net
Date: 8 May 2003 15:53:46 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Boxer prods Army on local water woes

I have a question:  Is it possible for elected representatives to
somehow 'be involved' with health examinations/screenings for those in
these communities ?  Health care is such a 'big issue' and here is a
'chance' to have the 'rubber meet the road' so to speak for our elected
officials.  The 'pattern' in communities affected by military/government
contamination is denial (we have no reason to believe there is RDX, HMX,
PCB's, perchlorate, etc.), avoidance (we're working with the regulators
methodologies-hence 6.8 million spent thus far on Camp Bonneville for
such discussions and not cleanup) and finally, due to heavy pushing by
regulators/stakeholders, local/state governments admittance (we have
found perchlorate, PCB's, etc.
on site), then back to avoidance (it will cost 'x' amount of money for
cleanup that we do not have).  The human body will not 'lie' and if
there is indeed contamination, it will show up.  It is also important
for parents to ask for specific chemical screening.  My experience is
the majority of city/county chemists do not know about PCB's, HMX, RDX,
perchlorate and only test for arsenic, mercury, lead, etc.

This is for Cal's recent listing:  Cal, is it possible, when you have
the time, to talk from a 'laymen's' vocabulary and explain the health
repurcussions from these chemcials?  Most people, I'm speaking of the
regulated, government officials and stakeholders, are not aware of 'your
business' ( my doctor listened quite intently to me recently and asked
for the CPEO's website for she was, unfortunately,  not aware of how
prevalent chemical contamination is in our nation).


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