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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Toxic Ranges
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I am familiar with Fort Ord, having worked there during the initial
cleanup effort. Personally, I would be more concerned with the
'toxicity' of the burning poison oak rather than the 'toxicity' of the
burning UXO/OE. The
poison oak that the military experimented with there is a very strong

I remember telling the Army Lieutenant Colonel who was in charge of the
BRAC office back then, that there was bound to be munitions buried on
Fort Ord someplace. He was emphatic that there were no burial sites on
Fort Ord. I told him he obviously didn't know what he was talking about
and we agreed to disagree.

Fort Ord was an interesting project - - initially, the old ranges were
laid out so that the firing was towards the ocean. The housing area,
next to the highway, was built on top of the impact area of the old
ranges, yet,
they couldn't figure out why people kept digging up UXO, when they were
putting in flower beds.... go figure...

Have a nice day,
Jim Ferris

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