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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Toxic Ranges
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Mass deaths resulting from openly burning hazardous, toxic and
radio-active wastes on military ranges do not all happen the same day.
Deaths that do are misdiagnosed due to medical incompetance due to lack
of education that result in lack of accurate diagnostic testing.
Hazardous waste exposures are documented by government to result in
reversable painful damages, irreversable painful damages and increased

The "square  miles of OEW and UXO being burned" that I refer to is the
multi-range area at Fort Ord.  It is a 20,000 acre/30 square mile area
used since 1917 as a bombing and infantry range.  It is also a munitions

landfill which is documented in pictures and base reports.

The press refuses to cover it.  The politicians, except Assemblyman Fred
Keeley, refuse to address it.  The land is being given to government and
political entities for redevelopement.  Collateral damages such as human

lives apppears insignificant when such a valuable piece of California's
coastal property is going to make so many so much money.   Cleaning safe
and using appropriate technology would take too long and cost too much
as far as those waiting to gain are concern.  Money talks, life walks,
its simple as that.

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