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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] trap/skeet range question
[POSTED BY Laura Olah <info@cswab.com>]

Hi everyone,
I have a question about potential contaminants at trap/skeet ranges. I
understand major contaminants at outdoor trap/skeet shooting ranges
include lead, arsenic, and antimony (in shot and bullets) and polycyclic
aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) in the clay targets.

QUESTION:  Has anyone found OTHER contaminants at trap ranges at their
base?  (We will probably be asked to provide some sort of documentation
to substantiate the need for additional parameters in the investigation
at Badger so any help in this regard would be really helpful.)



Additional info for folks that like detail:
At Castle Air Force Base in California, a former skeet and trap range
had soil concentrations of lead (up to 283,000 mg/kg), antimony (up to
6,780 mg/kg), and arsenic (up to 1,350 mg/kg).  Surface soil
investigations at a historic trap range at Mather Air Force Base in
California found benzo(a)pyrene (3.7 ppm), benzo(b)fluoranthene (92.8
ppb), dibenz(a,h)- anthracene (0.97 ppm), indeno(1,2,3-c,d)pyrene (2.5
ppm), and lead (1,330 ppm).

ATSDR.  Preliminary Assessment Castle Air Force Base, Atwater, Merced
County, California.
ATSDR.  Public Health Assessment, Mather Air Force Base, California.

Laura Olah, Executive Director
Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger
E12629 Weigand's Bay South
Merrimac, WI  53561
phone (608)643-3124
fax (608)643-0005 alt fax (608)643-2682
Email: info@cswab.com
Website: http://www.cswab.com

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