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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] 12,000 tons of chromium soil stored above Ogallala aquifer
12,000 tons of chromium soil stored above Ogallala aquifer  
"Erin Brokevich" attorney cites governmental "gross stupidity"
By Jim Kent
Igloo, S.D. - Lakota elder Marie Randall always wondered "what really 
went on" at the Black Hills U.S. Army Depot.
Now she wonders about the twelve thousand tons of chromium-tainted soil 
that were relocated this Spring from the now defunct Army base to a 
private landfill in Ogallala, Nebraska. Residents living near the former 
military installation have complained about the soil for decades and are 
happy to see it go, but still worry about its impacts on the environment 
and their health.
"What is wrong with this chromium pit is the secret behind it," 
commented South Dakota rancher Susan Hendersen. Dissatisfaction with and 
mistrust of state and federal agencies are feelings that Henderson and 
the Igloo area residents know all too well. As a member of a local 
citizen's group that's spent years fighting to get the soil removed from 
the two and a half acre pit it once occupied, Hendersen is livid about 
the issue. "The government has somehow created a huge chemical warfare 
dump out there covering a huge area, and it's way too big to be a paint 
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