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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Wildfire burning in Camp Hale--WW II UXO site
July 8, 2002

Wild Fire Near Camp Hale is Heavily Guarded

Cliff Thompson

Lightning has a habit of finding things it shouldn't.

Sunday night near Camp Hale, lightning ignited a tree, and fire crews are a more than a little hesitant to extinguish it.

Indeed, the electric genie found a place in the forest firefighters fear to tread They don't want to send aircraft to drop water or slurry, either.

It's a single "snag" smoldering in the midst of unexploded World War II ordinance near a place soldiers called "Nazi Village." Soldiers poured tons of ordnance on that target during training exercises decades ago, and as much as 10 percent of that still may be unexploded.

That's a problem for firefighters. They can't go in by foot to fight the fire for fear of setting of an explosion; and they can't use slurry bombers or helicopters for fear water could dislodge rocks, setting off ordinance and possibly knocking an airplane from the sky.

To view the entire article please go to the Vail Daily website at:
and look for the July 8th article.

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