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From: Lenny Siegel <lsiegel@cpeo.org>
Date: 1 May 2002 13:40:53 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Sprawl Threatens Operation of Arizona's Luke AFB
[POSTED BY Gil Sailer (Gilsailer@aol.com)]

having come from the air force real estate world and from the govt real 
estate world, i can tell you that the question of value has to do with 
both current and future potential uses within the realm of possibilities 
given a reasonable application of the laws, resources, and operational 
restrictions. this is not a full appraisal definition but its close 
enough for our discussion.

the govt has in many cases purchased air rights, development rights and 
other interests necessary to retain the mission. unfortunately, it is 
not unusual for the govt to determine that keeping the military mission 
in that location is not worth the money it would take.. .......Given the 
current climate for future closures and realignments, and given the open 
disclosure at the pentagon of excess infrastructure capacity, it is 
likely that many communities will be looking for ways to retain the 
current mission or bring in new ones..

there are some community leaders and in the military community that seem 
to be trying to pressure the communities into put up taxpayer funds to 
purchase rights the govt cant or wont expend. this is similar to the 
attempts to retain businesses like united airlines, boeing, etc etc..It 
is currently among the many options being discussed by local leaders, 
this is a questionable role for the federal government ..... there are 
many property rights individuals and organizations that have pursued 
proper compensation whenever the govts (federal, state or local) place 
use restrictions on private property because such restrictions 
constitute a public taking....

luke is a base that like many growing communities see base realignment
and closure as an opportunity to go to the next level of growth...much
like bergstrom air force base was viewed...it may be that the runways at 
luke will be seen as the new airport for the future....or like homestead 
another cap on the air noise...

communities that think that their efforts of throwing money to buy
rights that they don't need for themselves may be in for a rude
awakening.  this next round of closures and realignments are suppose to 
be primarily based on military value which is said to be geared to
future and current missions and military manpower requirements.  

the concept of encroachment applying to environmental restrictions is
fashionable today...but the normal use of encroachment has to do with
the physical encroachment of the human kind, people, buildings,
incompatible uses, etc

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