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Subject: Re: [CPEO-MEF] Bartlett advocates buried chemicals
[POSTED BY Louis B. Fournier (starcompany@erols.com)]

Congressman Bartlett's comments at FREDERICK, MD, April 12, is a good
illustration of rhetoric without real substance:

"If it's not migrating, if there is no clear and present danger, then I 
don't know why you want to stir it up," commented Representative Roscoe 

I don't think his position is consistent with the intent and direction
of most of the Nation's environmental laws and regulations.  Further,
show me a contaminated site where the contamination is not "migrating"
somehow (down-gradient, downward with gravity, upward as vapors, etc.).  
What he is saying essentially is "Don't deal with an environmental 
problem until it impacts someone."  In addition to being overly costly, 
this approach allows adverse impacts to occur before action is taken.  
Moreover, it does not appear to consider adverse impacts to other 
species which inhabit this earth.

His sentiments may be acceptable as a way of prioritizing cleanup
actions and the allocation of available funds, not ignoring contaminated 
sites indefinitely.

Louis B. Fournier, Ph.D.
STAR Environmental, Inc.

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