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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Bartlett advocates buried chemicals
Bartlett advocates buried chemicals

Jim Stanton 

FREDERICK, MD, April 12 - Congressman Bartlett held a press conference 
at the post Friday morning. 

Bartlett advocates leaving things in the ground at places like Fort 
Detrick unless they pose an immediate threat. Some people living near 
Detrick were concerned about the discovery of potentially infectious 
waste at the army installation. Bartlett said he is in support of 
cleaning up immediate dangers like well water contamination. 
"But once that problem is solved, then I think you really need to look 
at it. If it's not migrating, if there is no clear and present danger, 
then I don't know why you want to stir it up," commented Representative 
Roscoe Bartlett. 
"Every place doesn't have to be pristine enough that you can build a 
child care center there and the kids can eat the dirt. That's what they 
are requiring of the clean up, and it's nothing short of silly," added 
Representative Bartlett. 

The complete article can be viewed at:

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