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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Reilly attacks Pentagon maneuver
Reilly attacks Pentagon maneuver
Attorney general says the Cape could be at risk if the military becomes 
exempt from environmental laws.
SANDWICH - Attorney General Thomas Reilly, no stranger to weighty 
debates, yesterday added his voice to another national controversy.

Reilly has spoken out recently about pedophiles in the Catholic Church 
and has scrutinized the sale of the Boston Red Sox. Yesterday, he set 
his sights on the Pentagon.

At a pond-side parking lot on the edge of the Massachusetts Military 
Reservation, the state's top attorney criticized a proposed bill that 
would exempt the military from several federal environmental laws.

He warned that undermining environmental laws could jeopardize the 
progress made in recent years at the Upper Cape base, a longtime 
battleground between military and environmental interests.

"The last thing we need now are (military) exemptions from the 
environmental laws, particularly here on Cape Cod," Reilly said near a 
beach on Snake Pond.

Flanked by a group of Upper Cape leaders, Reilly said the military can 
train soldiers without polluting the groundwater.

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