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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Military Out of Mabry?
Military Out of Mabry?

April 12, 2002: 

Camp Mabry, home base of the Texas National Guard, has long been an open 
space where citizens freely came and went; Austinites especially prize 
its mile-long jogging loop. Like everything else in the world, that all 
changed after Sept. 11: Public access ended, razor-wire fences went up, 
and every entrance but one was blocked off. 

Mabry's modifications created concerns and headaches for area residents 
-- especially Edward Bellingrath, who lives near the 35th & Pecos 
entrance, where massive amounts of traffic, bright lights, and noise 
pollution suddenly collected. He and other neighbors consulted with 
Mabry officials and got them to relocate the entrance checkpoint further 
into the base, and, as of last weekend, issue day passes to joggers and 
visitors to Mabry's museum. 

Despite these concessions, Bellingrath ultimately believes the military 
should leave Mabry, an argument he details at www.campmabry.com. By 
transferring the National Guard to Camp Swift in Bastrop County, he 
says, the state, which owns half of Mabry (the federal government owns 
the northern half), could then deed the land to the city of Austin, 
which could then turn it into a public park. "Mabry Park," as the site 
refers to the camp, "already has hike-and-bike trails, a catch and 
release fishing lake, jogging track along with parking, and 375 acres of 
space," and the Texas Military Forces Museum. Bellingrath's Web site 
provides a lengthy illustrated history of the base, hosts a Frequently 
Asked Questions section, and a sign-up area to get involved. (Sixty-two 
people have thus far signed up as "Friends of Mabry Park.") 

The complete article can be viewed at:


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