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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] SFAAP: Mr. Hastings have you lied to the Federal District Court.
Dear Mr. Hastings:

After I read the below article that appeared in the Kansas City Star I=20
wanted to let you know that if the facts as stated are true then you have=
lied to the Federal District Court.  In addition you have not met with any=
of the Indian tribes (Osage or United Tribe of Shawnee Indians and others)=
that are also associated with Indians historic site preservation or Indian=
grave site preservation at the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant (SFAAP) as=
mandated by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA; 16=
U.S.C. =A7 470f).

See:  http://www.achp.gov/ for mandates.

  Mr. Hastings have you lied to the Federal District Court?

Jimmie D. Oyler, Principal Chief
United tribe of Shawnee Indians

>Federal agency handling Oz land transfer accused of misrepresentations
>By GRACE HOBSON - The Kansas City Star
>Date: 12/13/00 22:15
>A citizen group that has sued the federal government over its handling of
>the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant transfer says the government made
>"blatant misrepresentations" to the judge handling the suit.
>Taxpayers Opposed To Oz, or TOTO, sued the General Services Administration
>earlier this year. The group alleged that the agency had not followed the
>National Historic Preservation Act when it cleared the way to transfer
>Sunflower to the Oz Entertainment Co.
>In a status report filed in the case last month, the agency said one
>historical preservation group, the Oregon-California Trails Association,
>"no longer (has) any preservation concerns" about the proposed transfer.
>"That's not correct," said Craig Crease, a member of the group who is
>working on Sunflower preservation issues. "We've made no report to the
>(General Services Administration). I have no idea where they got that."
>In looking for historical trails that would need to be preserved, the=
>has surveyed the Sunflower property and plans to do more investigation
>there. So far it has not found any trails, but it does plan to make
>recommendations to the agency, Crease said.
>"Our final conclusions aren't in yet," Crease said. "That's why we were
>quite surprised that (the agency) said we were done."
>Blaine Hastings, the General Services Administration official handling the
>transfer, said a member of the trails group had told a federal official
>that the group had found no trails. The agency may have assumed from the
>comment that the group had no preservation concerns, he said.
>"There's nothing left to preserve," Hastings said. "It may be that=
>made a leap of faith as to what needs to be done out there."
>TOTO attorney William Session took issue with two other points in the
>status report, which he said contained blatant misrepresentations.
>The agency wrote that it had agreed with TOTO and other interested parties
>to rewrite a document governing the transfer to make sure any historical
>sites would be protected.
>Session said the parties had not agreed on how the document would be
>Hastings said TOTO would be able to provide input into how the agreement
>document was rewritten.
>Session also took issue with the agency's assertion that a meeting would=
>conducted this month with TOTO and other groups.
>The December meeting won't be held, Hastings said, because the agency does
>not have anything to report. The transfer has been stalled by the Johnson
>County Commission's tie vote last month on the Oz project.
>Session said that he had asked the federal judge to allow TOTO to respond
>to the government's status reports but that the judge had not ruled on the
>request. The judge has put the suit on hold.
>"We're extremely worried about it, but we're uncertain what we can do=
>it under the circumstances," Session said.
>TOTO and other groups will have a telephone conference Friday to discuss
>how to respond to the agency's report, Session said.
>The agency plans to file another status report this week, said Assistant
>U.S. Attorney Janice Miller Karlin. She said she could not comment on
>TOTO's concerns with the report.

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