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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Question of trust looms large before further action on proposed theme
[This was posted to the list by Jimmie D. Oyler, UTOSI-Hdqrs@kc.rr.com]

Question of trust looms large before further action on proposed Oz theme 

By GRACE HOBSON - The Kansas City Star
Date: 11/12/00 22:15

As Oz Entertainment Co. Chairman Robert Kory decides his next step now 
that the Johnson County Commission has failed to approve his proposed 
theme park and resort development, he knows he must face one issue head 

"One of my big concerns is our evident failure to inspire enough trust," 
Kory said in an interview.

Although the company has earned support from many business groups, Kory 
said, it has made "political mistakes."

"To the extent we go forward, it's critically important to me that we 
not fail to demonstrate absolute integrity and forthrightness," Kory 

The commission's 2-2 vote last Monday -- effectively stalling the 
company's $861 million project -- appeared to come down heavily on that 
question: Can Oz be trusted?

The tie vote tabled the proposal and was a significant setback to the 
company's plan to acquire the former Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant 
near De Soto and redevelop it, in part as a theme park and resort.

The two opponents, commissioners Annabeth Surbaugh and Johnna Lingle, 
cited questions of trust when explaining their votes.

Ever since the company moved its proposed project to Johnson County 
three years ago, it has been dogged by perceptions that it lacks 
integrity in its business dealings.

Kory has been criticized for working for the company that ran Sandstone 
Amphitheatre and Memorial Hall. The company went bankrupt, leaving 
Wyandotte County to repay $5 million in bonds issued for Sandstone.


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