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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] chem weapon leak
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According to ENS, 


TOOELE, Utah, November 7, 2000 (ENS) - Two chemical weapons 
leaks were detected last week at the Deseret Chemical Depot near 
Tooele. On October 20, a liquid leak of blister agent H from one 
155 millimeter projectile was identified in the storage area of the 
Depot. The storage area is located adjacent to the Tooele 
Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (TOCDF) where the munitions 
are being demilitarized. The leaking projectile was in an earth 
bermed igloo and discovered during routine monitoring. A filter was 
placed on the igloo and a team of trained workers, wearing 
protective clothing, entered the igloo and proceeded to segregate 
and sample the munitions until the leaking projectile was identified. 
About two teaspoons of the blister agent escaped from the 
projectile. The projectile was placed in an over pack container 
awaiting demilitarization at the TOCDF, where chemical weapons 
are destroyed in an incinerator.  

On November 2, a vapor leak of nerve agent GB (Sarin) from a 155 
mm projectile was identified during routine storage inspection at 
the Depot. The leaking projectile was stored in a filtered earth 
bermed bunker used for the storage of leaking munitions that are 
awaiting incineration. Workers in protective gear repacked the 
projectile. The bunker continues to be filtered and monitoring for 
leaking weapons is ongoing. The U.S. Army's Chemical Weapons 
Demilitarization program said that neither leak posed a danger to 
the workers, the surrounding communities or to the environment. 
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