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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Squad defuses WW II-era shell found by charter
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Published Wednesday, November 1, 2000, in the Miami Herald 

Bomb surfaces in Keys harbor

Squad defuses WW II-era shell found by charter


KEY WEST -- Patrons enjoying a leisurely lunch over the weekend at
 Turtle Kraals on Key West's historic seaport got more than they
 bargained for after a charter boat captain discovered a World War
 II-era bomb floating in nearby Key West Harbor.

 The captain and crew of the charter boat Echo fixed a line to the
 U.S.-made bomb and towed it to a slip Saturday near the waterfront
 eatery, where the Monroe Sheriff's Office bomb squad took over to
 defuse it.

 The explosives squad identified the device as a 250-pound drop
 bomb, used extensively during World War II, according to
 department spokeswoman Becky Herrin. Officials theorized that as
 the bomb deteriorated over the past fifty-some years, it became
 lighter, until air pockets inside the cylinder created enough buoyancy
 to raise it to the surface. 



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