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Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 12:09:22 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Protect Mukua--Full EIS Needed
[This posting was sent by Kyle Kajihiro  <keboi@aol.com>]

October 21, 2000

Aloha Kakou

Due to community outcry over the lack of adequate notification and public
involvement, the Army extended its comment period on the Draft 
Environmental Assesment (EA) for Routine Training at Makua from October 23 
to November 6, 2000. The Army initially refused to extend the deadline to 
allow more time for the public to review the document and prepare comments.

URGENT ACTION REQUESTED BY MALAMA MAKUA: Please send comments to the Army 
calling for an end to military activities in Makua and a full clean up of 
the valley, and demanding that they do a full Environmental Impact 
Statement rather than an inadequate Environmental Assessment. (See the 
leaflet and sample letter below.) You may print out, sign the attached 
statement or draft your own letter and mail or fax it to the Army by 
November 6. Please fax a copy of your statement to AFSC Hawai'i at fax: 
808-988-4876 or email to kkajihiro@afsc.org so that we have an idea how 
much support has been generated.

Mahalo for your solidarity with Wai'anae residents who are working to protect
their 'aina.

I ku mau mau!

Kyle Kajihiro
AFSC Hawai'i
2426 O'ahu Avenue
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822
Ph: (808) 988-6266
Fx: (808) 988-4876
Email: kkajihiro@afsc.org

Protect Makua ­ Stop the Bombing!

Makua is a wahi pana ­ a sacred place. Makua means parents in Hawaiian. It 
is home to at least three known heiau (temples) and numerous ahu (shrines). 
The valley is rich with legends, burials, and sacred sites, including 
to Makua in the important Pele and Hi'iaka legends.

• Bombs desecrate Mäkua and violate aloha 'aina.

• Kanaka Maoli are denied access to traditional cultural resources in Makua.

• Explosives and live munitions contaminate the land and water with
unexploded bombs and toxic chemicals. This poses a serious danger to human 
health and safety.

• Military training damages the native ecosystem and threatens nearly
thirty endangered species, some of which only live in Makua.

• The taking of Hawaiian crown and government lands violates the
sovereignty of the Hawaiian nation, and the eviction of native tenants by the
military violates their human rights.


1. STOP THE BOMBING! End the desecration of Makua.

2. CLEAN UP the unexploded ordnance and toxic contamination and restore the 
native ecosystem.

3. RETURN THE LAND to the community for our social, economic and cultural 

4. PROVIDE REDRESS to compensate the community for damages done.
For many years, the community has asked for an Environmental Impact 
Statement (EIS) as required by the National Environmental Policy Act 
(NEPA). An EIS would provide information about the full range of impacts of 
military activities at Makua and would allow the public to participate in 
the process. Instead of an EIS, the Army chose to do a lesser study called an
Environmental Assessment (EA). An EA for Makua is inadequate and
unacceptable. [The Draft EA can be reviewed at the Wai'anae public library or
by requesting a copy from the contact below.]


Tell the Army that their Environmental Assessment is not good enough and
demand an Environmental Impact Statement with public participation. You may 
write your own testimony or sign on to the prepared statement. Deadline: 
Nov. 6, 2000.

Send your comments to:
Peter Yuh, NEPA Coordinator
Directorate of Public Works, U.S. Army Garrison Hawai'i
Schofield Barracks, Hawai'i 96857-5031
Phone: (808) 656-2878 x 1051; Fax: (808) 656-1039
For more information contact: Malama Makua ­ Sparky Rodrigues at (808)
696-2823 or Fred Dodge at (808) 696-4677.

To: Mr. Peter Yuh, NEPA Coordinator
Directorate of Public Works, U.S. Army Garrison Hawai'i
Schofield Barracks, Hawai'i 96857-5031
Phone: (808) 656-2878 x 1051; Fax: (808) 656-1039

Re: Comments on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Routine 
Training at Makua Military Reservation, Hawai'i

Makua is an important wahi pana ­ a sacred place. I oppose the Army's plan
to resume training at Makua and request that the Army:
• Stop the bombing ­ End military activities in Makua;
• Clean up and restore the 'aina (that which feeds; the land);
• Return the 'aina to the community for cultural use; and
• Provide redress for the damages caused by military activities at Makua.

The Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA) is inadequate and
unacceptable because it:
• Restricts public involvement in the study;
• Fails to address how past and future military activities in Makua seriously
impact the natural, economic, social and cultural environment;
• Withholds and disregards key information about hazardous contamination of
the land, water and air and about traditional, customary and religious sites
and practices.

Therefore, I urge the Army to prepare a full Environmental Impact Statement
so that the community can participate in the process and have more complete 
information about the impacts of Army training at Makua. Please notify me 
about future developments and meetings. Mahalo for your attention to these 


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