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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Finding sarin gas poses problem for old arsenal

Saturday October 21 08:00 AM EDT
Finding sarin gas poses problem for old arsenal 

By Berny Morson, Denver Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer

ADAMS COUNTY - A bomblet containing the deadly nerve gas sarin plagued
authorities who struggled Friday to determine what to do with it.

A federal safety agency wants to blow up the grapefruit-sized aluminum
canister at Rocky Mountain Arsenal, where it was discovered Monday in a
scrap heap.

But state health officials want more information about alternatives and
possible effects on air quality before they sign off on any explosions.

The gas would kill anyone within about 900 feet of an uncontained explosion
and sicken people up to 3,600 feet away, said Charles Sharmann, the program
manager for the arsenal clean-up.

The canister is not a danger to the public, he said. The nearest public
road or home is more than two miles away.

State and federal officials will discuss the problem Monday. Gov. Bill
Owens has been briefed, said Howard Roitman, head of the Colorado Health
Department's hazardous materials unit.

Full story at Denver Rocky Mountain News


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