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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Disposal of ordnance and hazardous waste
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For CPEO---

Can anyone offer assistance in a growing concern involving ordnance,
explosives, and hazardous waste? I am trying to help a friend who has
been approached by larger firms seeking a solution to problems like the
one described below.  Here is the situation:

A commercial contractor has acquired an inventory of various pieces of
ordnance, explosives, etc.  It is all from military sources, ordnance
manufacturing contractors, or government/military related firms.  The
company wants to get rid of these items and contacts an OE company.  The 
problem is that the same situation could occur with enough regularity to 
preclude storage at an approved facility, and there are no longer demo 
facilities that allow commercial contractors to just "blow it up" (in 
the old days any rock quarry or farm field would do). Are there 
companies (particularly in the mid-Atlantic region) that specialize in 
incinerating these types of items (rocket warheads, projos, bulk HE, 
etc.)?  How does a company these days get rid of these items short of 
calling a military EOD unit to come and get it (which, as I understand, 
is also no longer an option)?  What about regular occuring shipments to 
a storage facility?

Any assistance would be helpful.  The bottom line is that there are
companies out there that have in their possession these items and it
seems that there is nothing they can do with them.


Russell Shattles
(410) 964-2089

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