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[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "DoD Poisoning Sewer, Water Systems" - St. Mary's County, MD Lenny Siegel (01/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, HEALTH: "Renewed call for shipyard excavation moratorium – the legal legacy of harm to the Hunters Point [CA] community" Lenny Siegel (01/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Pellston Regional Airport (MI) Lenny Siegel (01/06/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, FORMER SITES: Waiting for the money to clean Schilling Air Force Base (KS) Lenny Siegel (01/06/21)


[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Peshtigo [WI] Residents Reach $17.5M Class Action Settlement With Tyco Over PFAS Contamination" Lenny Siegel (01/08/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS/FORMER SITES: Camp Perry (Erie Army Depot), OH Lenny Siegel (01/08/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Trump’s EPA team overrules career scientists on toxic chemical" Lenny Siegel (01/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Suffolk County Water Authority offers water service at Calverton, NY Navy-Grumman site Lenny Siegel (01/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Maryland legislation Lenny Siegel (01/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, ENERGY DEPARTMENT: National Academies "Review of Effectiveness and Efficiency of Defense Environmental Cleanup Activities" Lenny Siegel (01/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Product Liability Cases – Are the Floodgates Now Open?" Lenny Siegel (01/19/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "At least 14 sites at Camp Lejeune [NC] are likely to be contaminated with PFAS" Lenny Siegel (01/19/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New Mexico "regulators tackling cancer-causing pollution by military" Lenny Siegel (01/20/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, NASA: Wallops Flight Facility, VA Lenny Siegel (01/20/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "N.J. sues U.S. military, wants feds to pay for tainted drinking water cleanup" Lenny Siegel (01/20/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Improved Approaches for PFAS Sampling and Treatment Lenny Siegel (01/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: How housing proposal "fell apart" at former Concord Naval Weapons Station (CA) Lenny Siegel (01/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Burlington, Vermont Air National Guard Base Lenny Siegel (01/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: CSWAB UPDATE: Hundreds Challenge Open Burning of PFAS by U.S. Army Lenny Siegel (01/26/21)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, REUSE: "Contamination at US Military Heliport in Daegu, " South Korea Lenny Siegel (01/26/21)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, VETERANS: "Trump Directs Pentagon to Study Toxins at K2 Base" (Uzbekistan) Lenny Siegel (01/26/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "EPA settles with Anchorage [AK] military base for hazardous waste violations" Lenny Siegel (01/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] NASA: "NASA Faces $1.9 Billion Bill to Clean up Contaminated Sites Across the U.S." Lenny Siegel (01/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Class action lawsuit at Reese Air Force Base (TX) Lenny Siegel (01/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Arizona "is footing the bill for Tucson, Marana PFAS cleanups" Lenny Siegel (01/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES, PFAS: "Air Force looking to establish Restoration Advisory Board at Cannon Air Force Base, " NM Lenny Siegel (01/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, BIOTA: Burlington Air National Guard Base, VT and fish Lenny Siegel (01/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Congressional caucus says "Pentagon needs ‘culture change’ on pollution" Lenny Siegel (02/01/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Advances in the Detection of Submerged Unexploded Ordnance in Marine Environments Lenny Siegel (02/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CSWAB UPDATE: Open Air Burning of PFAS by U.S. Army will Continue info (02/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES, PFAS: "RAB members push for transparency at [Wurtsmith Air Force Base, MI] contamination meeting" Lenny Siegel (02/08/21)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, DEMOLITION: "U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tackles demolition challenges at Brookhaven National Laboratory, " NY Lenny Siegel (02/08/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: "Navy works to restore public access to Tinian beach, " Northern Marianas Lenny Siegel (02/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Impact of PFAS Contamination at the Burlington Air National Guard Base (Part 3), " VT Lenny Siegel (02/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] BERYLLIUM, FORMER SITES: "Army Corps of Engineers tearing down former Brush Wellman buildings, " Luckey, OH Lenny Siegel (02/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "[San Francisco, CA] moved people onto Treasure Island despite serious toxic dangers" Lenny Siegel (02/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Unexploded ordinance at Redstone Arsenal (AL) Lenny Siegel (02/11/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: EWG: "Will the Pentagon Continue To Flout State Standards for 'Forever Chemicals’?" Lenny Siegel (02/11/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "Pipeline Path Approved For Grumman-Navy Plume Remediation, " Bethpage, NY Lenny Siegel (02/15/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, FORMER SITES: Terry Ranch (WY) water project and Atlas D missile site Lenny Siegel (02/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, BIOTA: "PFAS is in fish and wildlife. Researchers prowl Michigan for clues." Lenny Siegel (02/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Managing Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater Using Biological Treatment Lenny Siegel (02/23/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "PFAS contamination draws local [AZ], national cleanup efforts" Lenny Siegel (02/24/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CSWAB opposes PFAS Exemptions info (02/24/21)

[CPEO-MEF] AFFF in SE PA - The Harvard Study Larry Menkes (02/24/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Minnesota Rolls Out Plan for PFAS Contamination" Leonard Siegel (02/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] The near impossibility of getting justice with AFFF contamination. Larry Menkes (02/26/21)

[CPEO-MEF] My book Leonard Siegel (02/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Phytoremediation at Moffett Field, CA Leonard Siegel (02/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Air Force to distribute bottled water near Luke Air Force Base (AZ) Lenny Siegel (03/01/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "A Vermont Landfill is Contaminating a Canadian Lake with PFAS" Lenny Siegel (03/01/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - New Resource Conservation Paradigms on DoD Lands Lenny Siegel (03/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Wisconsin Drops Environmental Testing for 3 PFAS found in Firefighting Foams info (03/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Army and Navy General Hospital, Hot Springs, AR Lenny Siegel (03/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "City of Birmingham [AL] files suit over firefighting foam" Lenny Siegel (03/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: "Cancer-causing compounds found at former US Army heliport, " Camp Walker, Daegu, South Korea Lenny Siegel (03/05/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "'Forever chemicals' contaminate sites across North Dakota, including in Fargo" Lenny Siegel (03/08/21)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: "US Military Exposed 600, 000 to Toxins in Japan and Micronesia - and Hid It" Lenny Siegel (03/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, GLOBAL: "Harrowing Report Finds 110, 000 People Were Contaminated by French Nuclear Tests" Lenny Siegel (03/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL, GLOBAL: "US military fuel pipelines at Fukuoka Airport could raise Japan's decontamination costs" Lenny Siegel (03/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Is Northern Virginia a D.C.-Area Hot Spot for ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Tap Water?" Lenny Siegel (03/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] "Biden Wants to Reopen a Child Detention Center on Top of Toxic Military Waste, " Homestead, FL Lenny Siegel (03/11/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Groundwater near old Williams Air Force Base in Mesa [AZ] contaminated..." Lenny Siegel (03/11/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: ITRC PFAS Experts Roundtable Session 3 – REGISTER NOW! Lenny Siegel (03/12/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Nomans Land Island (MA) Lenny Siegel (03/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Suffolk County (Westhampton) Bombing and Gunnery Range (NY) Lenny Siegel (03/15/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS, VOCs: "Marine veterans petition for medical health registry for Camp Lejeune [NC] toxic water victims" Lenny Siegel (03/16/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: "Workers uncover hundreds of WWII-era bombs from base construction site on Okinawa, " Japan Lenny Siegel (03/16/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, RADIATION: "Maywood Superfund excavation work will shut some streets in Lodi [NJ] this week" Lenny Siegel (03/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CPEO calls for environmental sampling inside Moffett Field buildings Lenny Siegel (03/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Ft. Gillem (GA) remediation proposal Lenny Siegel (03/18/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Biden EPA Moving Forward with National Drinking Water Regulations for PFOA and PFOS" Lenny Siegel (03/18/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Study Finds PFAS Contamination With No Known Source In Upper Cape [MA] Watersheds" Lenny Siegel (03/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "‘Forever chemicals’ found in groundwater at dozens of Minn. landfills" Lenny Siegel (03/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Federal judge OKs settlement with Hunters Point Shipyard [CA] homeowners" Lenny Siegel (03/24/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "The Department of Defense has ordered the burning of 20m pounds of AFFF – despite risks to human health" Lenny Siegel (03/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Clovis dairy farmer says he lost millions in revenue due to PFAS contamination" from Cannon Air Force Base, NM Lenny Siegel (03/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, MUNITIONS: Nebraska Ordnance Plant Lenny Siegel (03/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force says it won’t follow Michigan law during Wurtsmith [Air Force Base] cleanup" Lenny Siegel (03/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Advances in Understanding PFAS Ecological Risks Lenny Siegel (03/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: "40 years after TCE water contamination: Victims still suffer" on Tucson's (AZ) southside Lenny Siegel (03/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Tap water sampled across the U.S. Lenny Siegel (03/31/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Whitmer invokes defense bill clause to force stricter PFAS cleanup" at former Wurtsmith Air Force Base, MI Lenny Siegel (04/01/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Pittsboro, North Carolina Lenny Siegel (04/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Wanted: New developer to build homes at Concord Naval Weapons Station, " CA Lenny Siegel (04/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Airway Heights [WA] seeking $22M for new water source after firefighting foam contamination" Lenny Siegel (04/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "PFOS in Michigan Fish" Lenny Siegel (04/05/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Dayton [OH] intends to sue Wright-Patt, says it wants to stop water contamination" Lenny Siegel (04/06/21)

[CPEO-MEF] "Efforts at Former Military Sites on Vieques and Culebra, Puerto Rico, Are Expected to Continue through 2032" Lenny Siegel (04/08/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Clark’s Marsh contamination meeting draws mixed reactions," former Wurtsmith Air Force Base, MI Lenny Siegel (04/08/21)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, GLOBAL: U.S.S. Reagan sailors exposed during Fukushima, Japan humanitarian mission Lenny Siegel (04/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Alaska sues PFAS makers as lawmakers seek broader action from regulators" Lenny Siegel (04/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Former Fort Ritchie Army base [MD] sold to Cascade man decades after closure" Lenny Siegel (04/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] NASA: "New Orleans plant built rockets to send Americans to space - and spilled chemicals into soil, water" Lenny Siegel (04/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] BIOTA: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Innovative Approaches to Monitor and Survey At-Risk Species on DoD Lands Lenny Siegel (04/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: 'Biden’s EPA set to take up issue of dangerous "forever" poisons' Lenny Siegel (04/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS: "Toxic Exposure Army Veterans of Fort McClellan, " AR Lenny Siegel (04/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] EXPANSION: O'ahu, HI "North Shore residents raise concerns about proposed military missile radar" Lenny Siegel (04/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Alameda Point, CA Lenny Siegel (04/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New Hampshire "Says It Fell Short On Required Notice Of Potential Water Contamination Around Saint-Gobain" Lenny Siegel (04/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Indoor Dust Lenny Siegel (04/15/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: 'A New Bill Wants the EPA to Shield Drinking Water From “Forever Chemicals”' Lenny Siegel (04/15/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Team from Air Force Research Lab finds a way to use packaged snow as explosion protection" Lenny Siegel (04/16/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Fish Consumption Advisory Issued For Silver Creek In Monroe County, " WI Lenny Siegel (04/16/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Navy finds ‘forever chemicals’ at MD bases near two Chesapeake rivers" Lenny Siegel (04/19/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Andersen Air Force Base, GU Lenny Siegel (04/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, VETERANS: "Camp Lejeune [NC] toxic water survivors hold outreach awareness event in Jacksonville" Lenny Siegel (04/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Video of National Academies Eastern Town Hall Lenny Siegel (04/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, COMMUNITIES: "Meeting dust-up ends blitz of Wurtsmith [AFB, MI] cleanup advocacy on sour note" Lenny Siegel (04/23/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, COMMUNITIES: Former Pease Air Force Base (NH) health study Lenny Siegel (04/24/21)

[CPEO-MEF] DISPOSAL: Ordot Dump, GU Lenny Siegel (04/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Mountain Home Air Force Base and Bowen Field, Idaho Lenny Siegel (04/26/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Fate, Transport and Treatment of Munitions Constituents in Soil and Groundwater Lenny Siegel (04/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Coakley Landfill, Greenland, NH Lenny Siegel (04/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: Sustainable Resilient Remediation Guidance Out Now! Lenny Siegel (04/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "It could cost the Madison Water Utility as much as $733,000 per year to filter toxic “forever chemicals” from just one municipal well..." Lenny Siegel (04/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] EXPANSION, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: "Mississippi rejects appeal to halt military storage project despite chemical contamination concerns" Lenny Siegel (04/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] DISPOSAL: "Feds deny Navy role in Ordot dump [GU] problem" Lenny Siegel (04/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] "Toledo [Ohio] Zoo plans to convert brownfield to parking lot" Lenny Siegel (04/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Military housing finds new life as condominium development, prison camp, " Duluth, MN Lenny Siegel (05/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Former Norton Air Force Base (CA) Lenny Siegel (05/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Zeldin requests EPA funds to bring public water to homes near the former Grumman site in Calverton, " NY Lenny Siegel (05/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "People exposed to PFAS could sue for medical monitoring costs, under US legislation" Lenny Siegel (05/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, FORMER SITES: "It is time to 'turn some dirt'" at the former Schilling Air Force Base, KS Lenny Siegel (05/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Switchgrass designed to clean up RDX Lenny Siegel (05/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Treatment plants to remove 'forever chemicals' from Colorado county water supply nearing completion" Lenny Siegel (05/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: ITRC PFAS Experts Roundtable Session 4 Lenny Siegel (05/06/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Dayton files $300 million drinking water contamination lawsuit against Wright-Patt" (OH) Lenny Siegel (05/06/21)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: "Merrimac [WI] residents continue calling for action from Army on polluted water" Lenny Siegel (05/08/21)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION, VETERANS: "Radiation Exposure and Liver Flukes: Little-Known Veterans' Issues Get Attention in Congress" Lenny Siegel (05/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Navy confirms 1, 000-gallon fuel release at Red Hill" (HI) Lenny Siegel (05/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: ATSDR Finally Releases Tox Profile for Perfluoroalkyls Lenny Siegel (05/12/21)

[CPEO-MEF] NATURAL RESOURCES: "Military and Environmentalists Align to Protect Key [Southeastern] Coastal Salt Marsh" Lenny Siegel (05/12/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, COMMUNITIES: "Air Force draws backlash for its handling of the latest RAB meeting" at former Wurtsmith AFB, MI Lenny Siegel (05/12/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Symposium 2021 - Save the Date! Lenny Siegel (05/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Study finds alarming levels of ‘forever chemicals’ in US mothers’ breast milk" Lenny Siegel (05/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "PA lawmakers ask Biden to stop National Guard PFAS permit appeal" Lenny Siegel (05/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Unexploded ordnance compels DPL to find another site for Tinian landfill" (CNMI) Lenny Siegel (05/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Michigan "launches project to probe firefighter PFAS exposure" Lenny Siegel (05/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Minnesota-based 3M sues Michigan over PFAS regulations" Lenny Siegel (05/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CONTRACTORS: "Lockheed Martin Can't Escape Fla. Contamination Suit" Lenny Siegel (05/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CLEANUP: Relative Risk Site Evaluation at former Griffiss Air Force Base (NY) Lenny Siegel (05/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PSC's biannual request for donations Lenny Siegel (05/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS: "NC native honors father with toxic exposure news site" Lenny Siegel (05/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Middle U.S. May 6 Town Hall Lenny Siegel (05/18/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "More than 100 unexploded bombs found in Solomon Islands backyard" Lenny Siegel (05/18/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: National Academies Western Town Hall on Tuesday, May 25 Lenny Siegel (05/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Maryland "Acknowledges 'Massive Contamination' in Chesapeake Beach" Lenny Siegel (05/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Stewart Guard Base included in Defense Environmental Restoration Program" Lenny Siegel (05/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Massachusetts water testing Lenny Siegel (05/24/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, ENERGY: New Rifle uranium mill, Rifle, CO Lenny Siegel (05/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] LITIGATION: "Supreme Court: Guam can pursue $160M dump cleanup lawsuit" Lenny Siegel (05/26/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Hawai'i "says readings indicate latest Red Hill fuel spill not contained; Navy claims data is inaccurate" Lenny Siegel (05/26/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Defense Department Congressional testimony Lenny Siegel (05/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Condo development questioned near Dobbins Air Reserve Base, GA Lenny Siegel (05/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Aqueous Film Forming Foam discharge from Naval Air Station Patuxent River (MD) Lenny Siegel (05/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Symposium 2021 - Call for Poster Abstracts Lenny Siegel (06/01/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: TOMORROW: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - PFAS Analytical Challenges and Opportunities Lenny Siegel (06/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] HERBICIDES, GLOBAL: "Barbara Lee Introduces Bill to Help Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange" Lenny Siegel (06/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS, VOCs: "Veteran drives to D.C. on Memorial Day weekend for Camp Lejeune [NC] water awareness" Lenny Siegel (06/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS: "Pease [AFB, NH] widow is 'not convinced' with results of Air Force cancer study results" Lenny Siegel (06/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Long Island, NY contamination Lenny Siegel (06/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, CLOSURE: Openlands Lakeshore Preserve at former Ft. Sheridan, IL Lenny Siegel (06/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "PFAS chemicals found in a third of [Pennsylvania's] water samples" Lenny Siegel (06/07/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "High levels of PFAS confirmed in blood tests of Newburgh [NY] water customers" Lenny Siegel (06/07/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Ohio sampling Lenny Siegel (06/07/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Improved Characterization, Monitoring and Management of Submerged Munitions in Marine Environments Lenny Siegel (06/08/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Video recordings of the National Academies May 25, 2021 Western Town Hall on PFAS Lenny Siegel (06/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New Mexico Environment Department studies Air Force plumes in eastern New Mexico Lenny Siegel (06/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Tucson [AZ] water treatment center shutting down temporarily, indefinitely" Lenny Siegel (06/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CSWAB Calls for Updated Health Advisory for PFBS info (06/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, VETERANS: "Camp Lejeune [NC] referenced in neurologists' book on Parkinson's disease" Lenny Siegel (06/11/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, NATURAL RESOURCES: "Kahoolawe [HI] restoration work finally set to resume" Lenny Siegel (06/11/21)

[CPEO-MEF] ARSENIC: Devens (MA) groundwater remediation Lenny Siegel (06/11/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Naval Outlying Landing Fields (AL & FL) Lenny Siegel (06/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] COMMUNITIES: Navy may dissolve Calverton (NY) Restoration Advisory Board Lenny Siegel (06/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CLIMATE, NATURAL RESOURCES: "Pentagon officials hope conserving salt marshes can protect [South Carolina] military bases" Lenny Siegel (06/16/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: California bases Lenny Siegel (06/16/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "America’s Fish are Contaminated with PFAS" Lenny Siegel (06/18/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Hunters Point shipyard litigation Lenny Siegel (06/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: GAO: "DOD Is Investigating PFAS and Responding to Contamination, but Should Report More Cost Information" Lenny Siegel (06/24/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Kerr-McGee successor sues PEPCON successor (NV) Lenny Siegel (06/24/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Arizona Governor "Ducey sends $2M to Tucson to restart water plant shut by military pollution" Lenny Siegel (06/24/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Three big developers step up for chance to turn Concord Naval Weapons Station site [CA] into massive community" Lenny Siegel (06/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: Water and fish poisoned in Okinawa, Japan Lenny Siegel (06/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: WWII-era hospital dump in Talafofo, Northern Mariana Lenny Siegel (06/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Hensley Field/Former Dallas Naval Air Station (YX) Lenny Siegel (06/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Energetic Materials and Munitions Lenny Siegel (06/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, COAST GUARD: "Developers plan to turn military buildings on Concord [CA] site into residential villages" Lenny Siegel (06/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Rhode Island Tests for Harmful ‘Forever Chemicals’ But Lacks Uniform Requirements to Address Health Concerns" Lenny Siegel (06/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS: Proposed federal legislation - Toxic Exposure in the American Military Act Lenny Siegel (06/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, PFAS: Water pollution from Navy/Grumman site, Calverton, NY Lenny Siegel (06/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Fort Ritchie (MD) master plan Lenny Siegel (07/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "The dangers of Browns Island," NC Lenny Siegel (07/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: New PFAS Document Update Lenny Siegel (07/07/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "DuPont, spinoffs reach $50 million settlement with Delaware over ‘forever chemicals’ pollution" Lenny Siegel (07/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] WORKERS: "Tennessee workers at military research facility continue strike for health and safety" Lenny Siegel (07/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] SOIL test method/lab for total DNT (dinitrotoluene)? info (07/15/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, GLOBAL: TCE at Canadian Forces Valcartier Base, Quebec Lenny Siegel (07/16/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Navy request for five-year permit to operate underground Red Hill [HI] fuel tanks raises red flags" Lenny Siegel (07/16/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Yakima Training Center, WA Lenny Siegel (07/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Legislation designating PFOA and PFOS "hazardous substances" Lenny Siegel (07/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Fwd: PFAs Action Act passes US House Lenny Siegel (07/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Modified switchgrass "Absorbs Toxic RDX Contamination" Lenny Siegel (07/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Ireland severely contaminated with PFAS Lenny Siegel (07/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Groundwater sampling at Clark's Marsh, Oscoda, MI Lenny Siegel (07/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] California proposes protective Public Health Goals for PFOA and PFOS Lenny Siegel (07/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Hoosick Falls, NY legal settlement Lenny Siegel (07/23/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Senate committee adopts amendment to address 'forever chemicals' in defense spending bill" Lenny Siegel (07/23/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Kirtland Air Force Base [NM] fuel spill cleanup reaches milestone" Lenny Siegel (07/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: "Japan, Okinawa officials to test Marine air station’s treated wastewater for toxic chemicals" Lenny Siegel (07/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: SERDP AFFF Challenge 2021 Lenny Siegel (07/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Defense Department delayed PFAS cleanup, ignored health risks, Inspector General says" Lenny Siegel (07/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, INDIGENOUS PEOPLE: Studying PCBs on Alaska’s St. Lawrence Island Lenny Siegel (07/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Filtration at Luke Air Force Base, AZ Lenny Siegel (07/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Wisconsin: "So-called 'forever chemicals' are polluting waterways. But regulating them is proving to be a long journey." Lenny Siegel (07/31/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "The Arctic Is Now Leaking Out High Concentrations of 'Forever Chemicals'" Lenny Siegel (08/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: SERDP & ESTCP Symposium 2021 - Registration & Poster Abstract Extension Lenny Siegel (08/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, MUNITIONS: "US Army to clean up World War II debris from Hamptons' [NY] training sites" Lenny Siegel (08/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: DC sewage sludge contaminated Lenny Siegel (08/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES, RADIATION: Guterl Steel uranium site, Lockport, NY Lenny Siegel (08/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, URANIUM: "Navajo Nation Calls Out Feds Over Shoddy Uranium Mine Cleanup Plans" Lenny Siegel (08/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: New Mexico Lenny Siegel (08/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Miles to go" at Kirtland Air Force Base, NM Lenny Siegel (08/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Aquidneck Island Navy Base (RI) Lenny Siegel (08/06/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force Refusing To Pay For PFAS Contamination Of Mashpee Wells, " Joint Base Cape Cod, MA Lenny Siegel (08/12/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "‘Forever chemicals’ contamination at Defense Department sites threatens Chesapeake Bay fish" Lenny Siegel (08/12/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: U.S. EPA's IRIS Program releases public comment version of its Toxicological Review of Perfluorobutanoic Acid (PFBA) and Related Compound Ammonium Perfluorobutanoic Acid Lenny Siegel (08/18/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Former Wurtsmith Air Force Base Restoration Advisory Board meeting Lenny Siegel (08/23/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Testing offered at Fairchild Air Force Base (WA) Lenny Siegel (08/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Dirty Water: Toxic “Forever” PFAS Chemicals Are Prevalent in the Drinking Water of Environmental Justice Communities" in California Lenny Siegel (08/26/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Seeno Companies poised to become Concord Naval Weapons Station’s [CA] new master developer" Lenny Siegel (08/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: House legislation Lenny Siegel (08/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: "Okinawa governor condemns Marine Corps for releasing tainted water into public system" Lenny Siegel (08/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: New Machine Gun Range at Joint Base Cape Cod (MA) Lenny Siegel (08/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: New Jersey City University at former Fort Monmouth (NJ) Lenny Siegel (08/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Management of AFFF Impacts in Subsurface Environments and Assessment of Novel and Commercially Available PFAS-Free Foams (Part 1) Lenny Siegel (08/31/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ contaminate indoor air at worrying levels, study finds" Lenny Siegel (08/31/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITION: UXO removal in Kane'ohe Bay (HI) Lenny Siegel (08/31/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Space Coast (FL) vapor intrusion investigation Lenny Siegel (09/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: "U.S. Forces Are Leaving a Toxic Environmental Legacy in Afghanistan" Lenny Siegel (09/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Naval Research Laboratory – Chesapeake Bay Detachment (MD) Lenny Siegel (09/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: "Camp Lejeune [NC] to issue warning letters to trespassers of hazardous Browns Island" Lenny Siegel (09/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, BIOTA: "Advisory area shrinks around Wurtsmith Air Force Base" (MI) Lenny Siegel (09/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, REUSE: "Navy Starts Explosives Assessment Of Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, " IL Lenny Siegel (09/07/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Pease Tradeport (NH) well back "in service" Lenny Siegel (09/07/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, FORMER SITES: Former Tarheel Army Missile Plant, East Burlington, NC Lenny Siegel (09/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, REUSE: "Discovery of unexploded munitions at Devens [MA] prompts warning" Lenny Siegel (09/12/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: "The U.S. Army has contaminated groundwater and surface water at U.S. Army Garrison - Ansbach, Germany" Lenny Siegel (09/12/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: "Blast fishing: how abandoned ordnance is destroying coral reefs" in the Solomon Is; amd Lenny Siegel (09/12/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Management of AFFF Impacts in Subsurface Environments and Assessment of Novel and Commercially Available PFAS-Free Foams (Part 2) Lenny Siegel (09/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Navy fortifies Red Hill [HI] fuel safety plan" Lenny Siegel (09/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: "Pomona [CA] wins $48 million in groundwater pollution case" Lenny Siegel (09/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] EXPANSION/REUSE: "Marines eye land for 'future force' at former Barbers Point [HI] base" Lenny Siegel (09/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Camp Grayling, MI Lenny Siegel (09/16/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE, PFAS: Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove (PA) Lenny Siegel (09/16/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Symposium 2021 - Virtual Conference Update Lenny Siegel (09/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Foam in Chesapeake region of Maryland contains nearly 5, 000 parts per trillion of PFAS" Lenny Siegel (09/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Air Force To Fund Cleanup Of PFAS-Contaminated Wells In Mashpee, Falmouth, " MA Lenny Siegel (09/19/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CSWAB ACTION ALERT: Demilitarization of Military Flares as an Uncontrolled Source of PFAS info (09/19/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: "Japan agrees to pay for disposal of contaminated wastewater from Marine air base on Okinawa" Lenny Siegel (09/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CLIMATE, MUNITIONS: "Climate Crisis Exacerbates Military Legacy Contamination" Lenny Siegel (09/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Former Navy Ordnance Plant in Pocatello, ID Lenny Siegel (09/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "pollution at closed Riverhead landfill [NY] is 10x state limit" Lenny Siegel (09/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: "Okinawan officials are 'furious' while the Japanese government is complacent" Lenny Siegel (09/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PESTICIDES: Court Case over exposures at Marine Corps Base Hawaii Lenny Siegel (09/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, FORMER SITES: Live ordnance at former Camp Adair (OR) Lenny Siegel (09/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Former Newark Air Force Base (OH) Lenny Siegel (09/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CSWAB UPDATE: Hundreds Call on EPA to Stop Open Air Burning of PFAS and other Toxic Chemicals info (10/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: Treasure Island (CA) health issues Lenny Siegel (10/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Naval Research Lab in Chesapeake Beach, MD sends high levels of PFAS into the Chesapeake Bay" Lenny Siegel (10/05/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Van Etten Lake, former Wurtsmith Air Force Base, MI Lenny Siegel (10/07/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Could new life take off for former Castle Air Force base?" CA Lenny Siegel (10/07/21)

[CPEO-MEF] "DOD releases new data on PFAS contamination of bases" - notifies farmers Lenny Siegel (10/11/21)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: "Farmland protected near Fort AP Hill ..." (VA) Lenny Siegel (10/12/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Anglers Warned to Not Eat Fish from Neshaminy Creek Basin" (PA) Lenny Siegel (10/13/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: EPA Administrator Regan Announces Comprehensive National Strategy to Confront PFAS Pollution Lenny Siegel (10/18/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Symposium 2021 - Virtual Agenda - November 29-December 3 Lenny Siegel (10/18/21)


[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Lawmakers Call For Investigation Into Whether Navy Misled Regulators On Red Hill" (HI) Lenny Siegel (10/20/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "3M Announces Settlement with Alabama City Over PFAS Claims" Lenny Siegel (10/20/21)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL, CONTRACTORS: "Israel's defense industry behind pollution of natural water sources ..." Lenny Siegel (10/20/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Gould Island (RI) Lenny Siegel (10/21/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, BIOTA: "Of Bombs and Butterflies" Lenny Siegel (10/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS: Former Fort McClellan (AL) Lenny Siegel (10/23/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Time running out for forces trying to stop Seeno from taking over redevelopment of Concord Naval Weapons site" Lenny Siegel (10/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] RADIATION: "Bidding begins for massive $45 billion contract for Hanford [WA] radioactive waste cleanup" Lenny Siegel (10/25/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Navy says Red Hill [HI] fuel spill due to human error, not aging tanks" Lenny Siegel (10/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: SERDP FY 2023 Solicitations Lenny Siegel (10/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS: Open burning/detonation at Andersen Air Force Base, GU Lenny Siegel (10/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Forever chemicals from military bases may be lurking in agricultural water supplies" Lenny Siegel (11/01/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Navy On The Defensive As Criticism Of Red Hill Fuel Facility [HI] Intensifies" Lenny Siegel (11/01/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Former Naval Air Station Brunswick has contaminated the Mussels in Maine" Lenny Siegel (11/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Fish limits near Joint Base Cape Cod (MA) Lenny Siegel (11/04/21)

[CPEO-MEF] ENCROACHMENT: Sentinel Landscapes: Blurring the line between conservation and militarization in Hawaii Lenny Siegel (11/05/21)

[CPEO-MEF] CPEO/PSC bi-annual request for donations Lenny Siegel (11/05/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VOCs, FORMER SITES: Space Coast (south Patrick Shores), FL Lenny Siegel (11/06/21)

[CPEO-MEF] "US Military ... Emits More Carbon Than 140 Nations" Lenny Siegel (11/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: "Grace in the Dark of the Valley" - New EnviroReporter.com feature article Lenny Siegel (11/10/21)

[CPEO-MEF] VETERANS, GLOBAL: "Veterans exposed to burn pits will get expanded health care support ..." Lenny Siegel (11/11/21)

[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: SERDP & ESTCP Symposium 2021 program Lenny Siegel (11/15/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Fishing hole contaminated near Burlington Air National Guard Base (VT) Lenny Siegel (11/15/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Homes near Ellsworth Air Force Base (SD) "may get free water service" Lenny Siegel (11/15/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "'Forever chemicals' found to be major pollutant at Gulf Coast military bases" Lenny Siegel (11/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: EPA asks Advisory Board to review documents on health effects of certain PFAS Lenny Siegel (11/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] TECHNOLOGY: Symposium Posters Now Available – Log into the Virtual Environment Lenny Siegel (11/18/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: ENCORE SCREENING – In the Dark of the Valley - CORRECTED SOUND Lenny Siegel (11/19/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Fort Meade (MD) and the Little Patuxent River Lenny Siegel (11/23/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "KC company eyes old Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant near De Soto [KS] as site for new solar farm" Lenny Siegel (11/23/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Recommendations to White House from Environmental Defense Fund Lenny Siegel (11/24/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "Judge orders all Richmond City Council members to answer allegations that they undermined Point Molate [CA}project" Lenny Siegel (11/26/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FORMER SITES: Great Sitkin Island (AK) Lenny Siegel (11/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] WATER: "Hawaii officials advise all users of Navy’s water system to avoid using water for drinking, cooking, or oral hygiene" Lenny Siegel (11/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Colorado intensifies efforts against 'forever chemicals' in water supplies" Lenny Siegel (11/30/21)

[CPEO-MEF] Fwd: SERDP & ESTCP Webinar Series - Forensic Techniques for Differentiating PFAS Sources Lenny Siegel (12/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Petroleum in drinking water at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI Lenny Siegel (12/02/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL, HEALTH: "Hundreds of military families sickened by contaminated Pearl Harbor [HI] water" Lenny Siegel (12/03/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Honolulu [HI] Board of Water Supply shuts down Halawa well to protect against Navy’s fuel contamination" Lenny Siegel (12/06/21)

[CPEO-MEF] REUSE: "EPA celebrates the successful reuse of former Griffiss Air Force Base, " NY Lenny Siegel (12/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: "Iraqi wars' deadly legacy: unexploded ordnance" Lenny Siegel (12/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Volunteers find PFAS in 2nd location near National Guard base, " VT Lenny Siegel (12/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: PBS report with a focus on Pease AFB (NH) Lenny Siegel (12/09/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Oahu water contamination Lenny Siegel (12/14/21)

[CPEO-MEF] GLOBAL: "Marianas Islands and the Air Force" Lenny Siegel (12/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: Georgia bases Lenny Siegel (12/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL, HOUSING: "Navy vs. Army water crisis lists add to victim frustration, " HI Lenny Siegel (12/17/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, DISPOSAL: Congress restricts incineration Lenny Siegel (12/18/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Thousands displaced from Oahu [HI] military base due to contamination in Navy water system" Lenny Siegel (12/20/21)

[CPEO-MEF] HOUSING: "Military Families Who Sued Over Kaneohe [HI] Soil Contamination Get Another Day In Court" Lenny Siegel (12/20/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "Airway Heights [WA] asks to move its water rights from contaminated West Plains to the Spokane aquifer" Lenny Siegel (12/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "What it’s like for one Hawaii military family to live with contaminated tap water" Lenny Siegel (12/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] MUNITIONS, GLOBAL: "Hundreds of Munitions Leftover from WWII Have Been Detonated Underwater Off Okinawa" Lenny Siegel (12/22/21)

[CPEO-MEF] NOISE: "New Warplanes Turn U.S. Towns into Sonic Hellscapes" Lenny Siegel (12/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Contamination in Navy’s water system a crisis decades in the making" (HI) Lenny Siegel (12/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS: "USDA extends payments to dairies..." Lenny Siegel (12/27/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FOMER SITES, RADIATION: "Concerns linger as completion date for Coldwater Creek [MO] cleanup pushed to 2038" Lenny Siegel (12/28/21)

[CPEO-MEF] PFAS, GLOBAL: Report on foam release at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Okinawa, Japan Lenny Siegel (12/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: Red Hill (HI) timeline Lenny Siegel (12/29/21)

[CPEO-MEF] FUEL: "Hawaiʻi official agrees Navy must remove fuel from Red Hill tanks" Lenny Siegel (12/31/21)

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