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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] PERCHLORATE: Rialto, CA customers to get water treated by fluidized bed reactor
:Why the Rialto water district is building a different type of perchlorate-eating plant

By Jim Steinberg
San Bernardino Sun (CA)
December 4, 2016

RIALTO - Having made environmental clean-up history with a specialized plant that breaks apart perchlorate using bacteria, management at West Valley Water District is now focused on creating another type of plant to attack this harmful water pollutant.

In November, WVWD made history by being the first in the country to deliver treated water to customers after using microbes to break down perchlorate from a contaminated well.

That system, called a fluidized bed reactor, is used to remove perchlorate and other chemicals in locations elsewhere in California, Arizona, Nevada and New Jersey, said Todd S. Webster, a regional vice president for Texas-based Envirogen Technologies, which designed and built the first plant.

But in the other places, the output goes into groundwater. At West Valley, it goes directly to customers.


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