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Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 10:11:19 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] CONTRACTORS: "Critics question safety of Boeing’s Santa Susana Field Lab [CA] hikes"
Critics question safety of Boeing’s Santa Susana Field Lab hikes

by Michael Collins
July 13, 2016 

The Boeing Company hosts public hikes and tours through Santa Susana Field Laboratory areas contaminated with radiation and chemicals as part of its efforts to paint SSFL as ready parkland not needing full cleanup

• Hundreds of hikers and tour-goers made to sign waivers indemnifying Boeing & NASA for harm, with no opportunity to review waiver in advance
• Massive chemical and radiation contamination not yet cleaned up
• Radium-226, Plutonium-239/240, TCE, dioxins, PCBs, perchlorate pollution
• Rocketdyne official called area “Love Canal” decades ago
• Boeing says no press allowed on hikes, won’t divulge route or answer questions about safety but their own reports indicate high contamination in hiking areas
• Local residents hold April Earth Day demonstration to warn hikers about SSFL’s Southern Buffer Zone

Eighteen demonstrators with vivid placards lined the roads into the Santa Susana Field Laboratory [SSFL] April 23. They were protesting lab owner Boeing’s “Nature Walk Earth Day Celebration”through the so-called 1,143-acre Southern Buffer Zone [SBZ] of the former Rocketdyne lab.

“BOEING EARTH DAY FRAUD” and “TURN BACK! Toxic Trails AHEAD” greeted startled hikers arriving in cars at the entrance to the 2,850-acre lab at the top of Woolsey Canyon in the Simi Hills. “SSFL MAKES ME SICK” and “Don’t Let BOEING Fool You” were not exactly what the trekkers expected judging from their shocked faces passing by.

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