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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] VOCs: Vapor Intrusion at Army's Cold Regions Labs, Hanover, NH
Intruder at the Border; A Toxin Emerges As Health Threat, But Official Action Comes Slowly

By Sarah Brubeck and Maggie Cassidy
Valley News (NH)
June 30, 2013

Hanover - Industrial pollution involving toxic chemicals is often associated with abandoned factories in Rust Belt towns. The last place it might be expected to pose a hazard is near a residential neighborhood and a new school in an Ivy League college town.

But that’s the case in Hanover, where earlier this year officials acknowledged that a cancer-causing chemical had been found at the border of the Army’s Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory on Lyme Road. The chemical, trichloroethylene, or TCE, is a solvent that had been used at CRREL for nearly three decades until 1987.

In March, the Army Corps of Engineers began tests to determine if TCE had spread beyond the lab to reach Richmond Middle School across the street, along with Dartmouth College housing to the south and neighboring properties.

No unsafe levels have been detected so far, but officials say the contaminants migrate slowly and will need to be monitored for years to come.


For the entire Part One article, see
http://www.vnews.com/news/7161937-95/part-one-intruder-at-the-border- a-toxin-emerges-as-health-threat-but-official

See Part Two
http://www.vnews.com/home/7162483-95/part-two-tce-testing-process- took-years-army-labs-neighbors-mixed-on-pace-of

http://www.vnews.com/news/7167865-95/air-systems-used-to-lower- exposure-risk

Valley News requires registration. One can get "five free articles," but they seem to count intermediary web pages as articles. One can also get a $1 day pass.


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