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From: Lenny Siegel <lsiegel@cpeo.org>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 10:30:50 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] ENERGY, ENCROACHMENT: Offshore exploration and Hampton Roads (VA)
Offshore exploration would help, not hurt, Hampton Roads economy

Objection! A response to editorials published on June 22 [1] and June 23 [2].
U.S. Sen. Mark Warner
U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine
U.S. Rep. Scott Rigell
June 27, 2013

The Pilot recently editorialized on efforts to develop coastal energy off Virginia's shores, including bipartisan legislation we've proposed in the House and Senate.

We'd like to address some of the concerns raised by this commentary.

First, no one wants to see another Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) affect any Hampton Roads installations, and we've received no indication from the Pentagon that expanding the energy industry in Virginia would put Hampton Roads, or any other area of Virginia, at additional risk. Further, Congress has clearly stated that a BRAC is not necessary, and no evidence has been provided to Congress to show why one is needed. Earlier this month, both the Senate and House Armed Services committees declined to authorize another BRAC round in the next fiscal year.

The truth is that military-related jobs in Virginia are at risk due to sequestration and a sluggish economy, not because we may soon develop our offshore energy resources. While federal defense dollars provide much of the foundation of the Hampton Roads economy, we're trying to create other industries that can keep our region competitive. We will continue to work closely with military partners to ensure that Hampton Roads remains the best place to move or grow a command or train for critical military capabilities.


For the entire column, as well as links to the original editorials, see
http://hamptonroads.com/2013/06/offshore-exploration-would-help-not- hurt-hampton-roads-economy


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